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MR Cache: Lessons From Coaching

Weekly Thoughts:

I thought I was going to be different, in that I had it all figured out with an idea on how I was going to rotate the 7-year-old girl’s soccer team that I’m a coach of.  Reality didn’t match the logic in my head though!

The plan thumping variables were:

  • Not all of the girls came to the game on time, and one came after halftime
  • Some girls said they were tired and didn’t want to go out.
  • The girls are too young to do two 15 minutes sessions.
  • The field conditions where too wet and it was like running in sand.

So we started out the game stomping the other team, but after halftime, the tables reversed and we lost more points that we gained in the first half.

This was my first game though, and I was even struggling memorizing all of the girl’s names (I got them now though).

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Like Minded Bloggers:

Much like the results of the test that Everyday Tips and Thoughts posted about a while back, many of us are very similar in thought!  I’ve noticed some very similar articles at different points in time and it’s kind of refreshing really.  After all, personal finance is a narrow niche so overlap and similar conclusions are only natural.  The only true scorecards is net worth and memories of money well spent.


Hope your weekend was rewarding!


5 Responses to MR Cache: Lessons From Coaching

  1. Sounds like a great time at soccer. It has been a wet spring. Many of my daughter’s games have been cancelled so we are now going through the process of re-scheduling. Fun, fun!