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MR Cache: Soccer Victory, Lessons Learned From 7 Year Old Girls

Weekly Thoughts:

My 7-year-old girls soccer team stomped the other team this week.  The other team’s coach actually coaches our city high school girl’s soccer team, so I thought we were going to be slaughtered, but I was wrong.

Now granted both my daughter and her best friend could be considered the best players in their league, it was more than that!  The entire team worked like a well oiled machine.  Only one of the girls on our team didn’t make a goal today, and even she almost did.  Instead she choose to pass it to my daughter who ended up making the goal.  Of course, when I switched a new group of girls in I had a nice talk with that girl telling her that when she has a shot that close to the goal, to go ahead and take it.  She smiled and said okay, very cute!

So after such a great win (24 to 11) you might think that I thought I was a soccer coaching guru, but it wasn’t me…  Each of the girls on the team have bonded (at least the ones that come to practice), so much so that they would rather go to the games instead of going on vacation.  They want their team to win, and win well.  The all have great focus and heart!  I’ve never seen such a strong team, and it’s very touching.

I would like to say that today I’ve fallen in love with the team, thinking of each girl as kind of my own, but that would be a lie.  You see, it’s a cumulative thing starting with the team’s game and following practices…  I now understand the personal pride that each parent on the team feels for their kid.

After seeing other teams via my son and daughter, I know that what I have with this team is special, and I’m going to make the most of it.  Each of the girls look up to me in some way, and I won’t let any of them down.

While I think I got lucky with this team, I now know why everybody always says that you should try to coach at least once just for the experience.

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So what did I learn for the girls?

  1. If each member views that team winning as the most important thing, everybody tries their best.
  2. Being a team is more than about just winning (although it’s very important), it about treating each other with respect and courtesy.
  3. It’s little things taken for granted that make a difference in a teams ability to win.   If players learn and listen quickly, they can become a great force for change.
  4. Focus and determination are as important ingredients for force as is speed and agility.
  5. Coaching (and having a team win) can be a ton of fun.


5 Responses to MR Cache: Soccer Victory, Lessons Learned From 7 Year Old Girls

  1. What a cute story about your daughter’s soccer team. It’s sort of what it’s like for me as a teacher; you get that feeling that they all look up to you and care what you think! (sometimes, it’s sort of scary. 😉 )

    Thanks for including my link!

  2. It is really fun to coach a team where everyone is dedicated to giving it their all. You don’t have to be the best coach in that instance. You only have to point them in the right direction and they will get there.

    • As a freshly minted coach, it’s mostly the team an not my coaching that is going to make them great. I’ll do my best, but it’s really all the girls…