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Steps to Prepare To Fly

I’m currently getting ready to fly back home. The following are a few things that I made sure were in place to make my flight less stressful and for emergency situations.

First, since I have kids, I made sure that my life insurance is at a respectable level.  For me, that’s half a million dollars in coverage.  I actually did this a few years ago, but it’s brings me easy of mind knowing that if something did happen, my family will be covered.

Second, I always take dramamine a half an hour to a full hour before I get on the plane.  On the way out my ride was smooth, but I didn’t have a direct flight, and the second leg of my trip was very rough!  I’m sure I would have been miserable if I didn’t first take some dramamine.

Third, make sure you have Tums or some other form of antiacid.  While I didn’t have an  upset stomach on the way out, if I had, it could have been a very rough journey.

Fourth, I also take carry some ibprufen in my pocket just to make sure if the need arises, I have the medicine.  I was almost forced to take such a pill during the last flight.

And finally, I converted an audiobook to a series of MP3s so that I could be distracted and enjoy the fly.  I’ve used similar approach with my car trip to vacation destinations.

Well, that’s it, now it’s time to go to sleep…  I hope the flight goes well tomorrow!



6 Responses to Steps to Prepare To Fly

  1. Best wishes on your flight. I haven’t packed any medications and haven’t used any in the past but it sounds like a good idea. I have some music and a couple movies on my iTouch that I can watch if I don’t want to read or there is no inflight movie.

    • You are fortunate! I’m not so fortunate in that I get motion sickness, so dramamine is a requirement. Unfortunately, I also had stomach problems (spicy foods), on the way back. I felt horrible until I took some Tums.

      And the kicker was I got a flat on the way home. No biggy though, I managed. I was just glad I took the above pain relief…

    • I like that song, I think it would even work today (or at least in the 80s).

      I was fascinated by the dancing too, compared to today, it’s almost like they were zombies (lol). Still kind of cool in their own way though.