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Is Blogging For Me?

Do you ever ask “Is Blogging for me”, or “What is blogging like”?

If you have asked this questions, then you are at the right blog site because I am going to provide my experiences with blogging to date!

Let me start by saying, anyone can blog!  But just because you can blog, doesn’t mean you should blog!  Take my case for instance, I’m constantly fighting to squeeze articles in, and many times I find myself trying to write  an article for my blog over midnight and sometimes at 2:00am.

What all is involved with blogging that makes it so time-consuming?

  • Commenting!  Replying to comments on your blog requires time to think out a decent response.  Plus often time you’ll need to visit neighboring blog that leave comments.  Then at their sites it’s common to leave a comment at their site too.  It’s also worth it to comment on other larger sites too.  This takes a lot of time!
  • Carnivals.  Submitting your articles to carnivals and tracking them take time.  But still this is an efforts that is worth it. 
  • Hosting Carnivals.  This can easily take hours and hours depending on how clever you want to be with it.  Sometimes carnival is just a list of links, but other times it’s a clever story wrapped around a theme.
  • Shrinking Material.  At first it’s easy to write blog articles, in fact they just come streaming out.  But after a year or so, that changes and some days writer’s block starts to pop up.
  • Socialization of material.  To help promote you material, it’s a good idea to socialize your article.  While this isn’t too difficult,  reading other articles on the sites takes a lot of time.  If you are on such sites, you want to contribute in a positive way.

Working a full-time job, playing and interacting with kids and family, doing normal chores and coaching kid’s sports really cuts into blogging time.

But is Blogging for Me?

Yes, I have a ball writing about personal financial information!  Yes it’s hard and its stressful right now, but it’s also a great hobby!  Once coaching is over, I’ll have more time once again.  So for now, I just have to cope and get through the time restricted period.

What od you think of blogging?


20 Responses to Is Blogging For Me?

  1. I’d definitely stress that blogging is like a part-time job, or full-time depending on how much effort you put into it! And you’re right, writer’s block seems to sneak up on you after about a year. Blogging can be great, but it’s a lot more work than most people think. 😉

  2. For me, blogging and writing started as a hobby. Now, I find that I am addicted because I enjoy it so much. It has actually become a part-time job and I find that I can spend anywhere from 10-15 hours per week.

    I am getting up at 4:30 in the morning to read and comment on other blogs. I am enjoying the interaction. The blogging community is very friendly. I think everyone understands how much effort is involved and fellow bloggers are quick to offer assistance and encouragement. I love it!

  3. Blogging is a lot of fun, but I do get blogger block sometime. I hosted a carnival a couple of times and I think it’s a great way to find new blogs.

    • Hosting a carnival is a lot of work, but rewarding too.

      I’m having to much fun this summer, that makes it harder to blog for me. In the winter, I have no problem blogging at all…

  4. I think blogging about something can keep you motivated and honest. I know I started my blog just to keep myself accountable to someone, to ANYONE that would read it.

    • I start my blog to educate others, and to track my activities, but since I’m anonymous I don’t post much personal stuff and my friends don’t read me blog because I’m anon… Funny really 🙂

      I’m still having fun though

  5. Blogging is a lot of things! It is an outlet to express yourself, interact with other people, and stimulate new ideas. It keeps me connected and engaged in something I love to do.

  6. It’s important to have a subject you are passionate about in order to enjoy blogging. The most important part is: avoid getting burned! You are NOT required to comment on 50 blogs per day….

  7. Blogging, writing is fun for me, but it is harder work than I thought. Nice to balance your life, your blog, work, and your family life. Happy Medium!

  8. Hi MR. Why is summer so much worse? Just read your comments above. Maybe it’s just a perception? I know for myself, I seem to get busier every year no matter what the season. Thanks for writing this – I started a Blog about a month ago. Best regards.