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MR Cache: Another Soccer Victory, But Also a Sad Day

Weekly Thoughts

The team I’m coaching had another victory today, but at a cost.  The other girls team had one or two girl who kept tripping our girls from behind!  My daughter was tripped and even had her hand stepped on.  I was fuming as I had to carry her off the field.  Then another one of my girls was tripped from behind and she didn’t even have possession of the ball!  WTF?

The coach for the other team actually teaches soccer, but I didn’t see him do anything!  Luckily for him it was near the end of the game, because I started getting loud, I might have even swore in angry and complaining about the tripping very loudly.  Probably if it continued, I would have to go over and talk to him during the game.  It’s not acceptable that the team he is coaching is tripping from behind like that!

All told, 4 different girls on my team got tripped that day, more than any from all the other teams combined.  I’m still pissed off!  What an A-hole of a coach!  I’m half temped to start attending his other game and see if his girls trip other girls from other teams too, and if so, start calling the other coaches and the soccer commissioner to get him removed (if that’s possible).  I don’t think I could handle any of my girls getting hurt badly because of such conduct from a poorly taught team.

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The girls that I’m coaching are amazing!  Each one puts their heart into the game, and I’ve very touched.  But at the same time, I worry about each one of them out there.  I would have to see any one of the girls (my girls) get hurt.

I need to step up my game and start teaching them stuff I don’t know.  The best way to do that is to learn how to do it myself.  Luckily youtube videos help, but I still have to learn how to do that actual moves though.

It’s time to step up my game and become a real soccer coach.

Hope you weekend was great,


11 Responses to MR Cache: Another Soccer Victory, But Also a Sad Day

    • Yeah, I’ll see if it happens again next year (I’m done playing his team this year). If it does I’m going to complain.

      I have 5 books on soccer that I’m skimming, and I’m scanning youtube for soccer skills!

  1. Hi MR,
    My daughter has played soccer since she was a little girl and the older she got, (now 17), the rougher the games seem to get, I could not believe how some coaches accepted the behaviour of some players, even seemed to encourage it…she coaches younger children herself now and see’s it from both sides. As for the adult games she plays in now, I can’t even watch!
    I not sure what the answer is because the professional games the kids watch on TV now are setting the example; if you watch European soccer you’ll know what I mean.
    Gosh this is turning into a ramble, anyway despite all of this playing soccer has taught her so much and made her stronger (perhaps too strong lol)

    • My daughter is a very skilled player always making at least a few goals per game. Her best this year has been 7 goals in one game.

      But she is also very small and super thin. I worry about her a lot, and she is in other things to that an injury would bummer her out about.

      I think the girls on my team like me and have all bonded well. I think we can win all of the games from here on out (3 left), I’m sure that would mean that our team is one of the best this year. That said I don’t think I can handle one of the girls getting hurt. I might wimp out and not coach next year. I’m not 100% sure yet.

      Thanks for the info., I was afraid it might get rougher as she ages.

  2. I must assume that there is no referee in this age group so no enforcement of rules. In my games, tripping from behind is an automatic card due to the potential for injury. I would warn the players before the game that I would be watching for that. You would be good to speak to the commissioner.

    • We have 2 referees but they are young teenagers.

      The next time I play that team (next year), I’ll be sure to communicate that issues to the referees before the game starts, at least for the one coach’s team…