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MR Cache: Losing Wealth Because Of Insecurities

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I was watching a show called Flipping Vegas, when the people who was doing the flipping discovered a hidden wall in the closet.  They tore down the fake drywall sheeting, and they discovered a safe behind the wall.  Now throughout the show, they tried to open the safe. then at the end of the show, they blew it up, and they found silver bars and paper money!

While it was exciting to see the safe get blown up, I felt sad for the family that was socking it away behind that fake wall.  Losing the safe like that means that the owners of the safe, got old and forgot it was there, or died and there kids didn’t know about it.

So here are these flipper, and they are making off with at least $20,000 extra just from the silver and cash (maybe even more money than that).  It’s just sad to see the money sitting behind a fake wall.  It would be especially sad if the previous owner’s family needs it now…  They really should have put that money in the bank or in investments (perhaps bonds).

The moral of the story is don’t let insecurity rule your finances.

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Sometimes if you playing it too safe, you still lose it all.  Besides who wants to die with a lot of money in a hidden wall while not enjoying that money?  Perhaps they were afraid the world was going to end?

Update (July 6, 2011):  While the message of this post is valid, I just used “Flipping Vegas” as an example that has a wide viewing audience.  The show “Flipping Vegas” is a TV show, so even though they showed a safe, I’m not entire sure I believe that it wasn’t some type of show fabrication to make the show have more pizazz!  I also doubt that in the same episode that the workers dropped that marble counter-top by accident…



5 Responses to MR Cache: Losing Wealth Because Of Insecurities

  1. I’d like to think that the last family was simply so rich that what was in the safe was pocket change, lol. It’s a matter of perspective. 🙂

    • I hope you’re right! It would be horrible if it weren’t true!

      I’ve never heard of someone of walling in a safe in their closet before… Interesting idea huh…

  2. You never know previous owner might be hinding money from IRS or something.

    Than silver and gold rarely let ou down. I do agree with you that there is
    little point in keeping savings in the bonds, cash or event at interest of 1% 🙂

    Go for precious metals or invest in stocks, properties, etc. – make them work.