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MR Cache: Vacations Changes

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I had planned on going to Hawaii this year, but my family had other plans.  My wife said that Hawaii would cost us around $10,000 and that it’s too big of a financial expense for us at this time.

Oh we could put the vacation on our credit card and pay it off over a few months, but we never carry credit card balance.  So instead we are going to an island in Florida for some days in the sun.

While in Florida, we are going to swim with the dolphins.  That sold my kids, and wife for that matter.  We also plan on spending a day or two at Sea World.

Since I’ll be at a location where being in shape would help with the heat, I’m going to accelerate my “Losing Weight Frugally“, expanding it to include body shaping and maybe even fasting.  To date, I’ve lost a total of  around 15 to 16 lbs. 

Since today is father’s day and I’m late with my weekly update, I’m just going to put links in this article.  This way I can spend time with my family and not get in trouble (lol).

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It’s father’s day and time to do father day things!  Make the most of it, I’m of to spend time with the family!!!

Have a great day!


14 Responses to MR Cache: Vacations Changes

    • Thanks Laura!

      Vacation is coming up quickly and we’re going to Florida! It’ll be very, very hot! The weight loss will make it much easier on me while I’m down there.

  1. I love SeaWorld! Many,many years ago I use to work there, and when I had small kids we would always buy the yearly passes. Great memories. Don’t forget your sunscreen! It is hotter than blazes here already!

  2. Wow, your weight loss plan is very successful. How long have you take for the 15 to 16 lbs?

    And happy fathers day!

    • Yeah, pretty cool huh. The funny thing is that I’m the only one not going to swim with the dolphins (to save money)… I do think it would be awesome though

      • Oh bummer, well make sure to bring the video camera. Those places love to charge a lot for the professional photos and dvds, but you can usually get pretty close on land if your family is in the water to take your own photos and video. So taking them yourself will help save money too.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss! You and your family will LOVE swimming with dolphins. I’ve been lucky enough to do it a few times and I always beam with glee afterwards. They are amazing animals.