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Stop Living For the Weekend and Just Start Living

All too often we hear people saying that they “Live for the Weekend”! 

To be honest, I use to be of that same mindset too, I also saved myself for the weekend and during the week I would work, watch TV, then go to bed everyday… until the precious weekend.  But then the weekend would come and it might be cold, or raining, or some other event might be happening that would prevent me from enjoying my weekend.

So what do I do know?

I try to do something everyday, whether it’s coaching my daughter’s soccer team, doing yard work, walking the dog, working on my blog, reading a book etc…  And I plan on starting to workout, swim with the kids, bike ride with the kids, loss weight and meet with friends more often.  Summer is a great time to be more active!

“Live For the Weekend” is something that sounds good because most of the activities that are going on happens on Saturday, and we have the entire day to do things but…

  • going to dinner during the week is less crowded and you can get seated more quickly
  • while at dining out, the food may be prepared better because the cook isn’t rushed.
  • Other activities may be similar to dining out, fewer lines, less waits, and a better experience.
  • The roads will be less crowded, especially after rush hour during the weekdays.
  • If you look, sometimes you can find discounted prices during the weekdays.
  • Less chance of getting a sunburn while outside since most of us get off work after 5:00pm.


While you don’t exactly have to “Seize the Day”, you don’t have to wait for the weekend either.  Waiting to live life just on the weekend wastes too much life.

Personally, I would like to make or change something everyday, even if it’s just cutting the grass…

What activities or ways do you maximize you weekdays?



22 Responses to Stop Living For the Weekend and Just Start Living

  1. Good sentiments, MR. Now with the days getting longer, it’s a good incentive to get out and about in the sunshine instead of plopping your butt on the sofa in front of the tube.

    • I cheat, I’ll come home set the alarm clock for 1/2 hour later in time and pass out.

      Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to get back in gear, but in general I have more energy and feel refreshed.

  2. I try to do about an hour of prep on the weekend for the week like cooking ahead a little bit, doing laundry, etc and I find that if I do it really opens up my week nights to either be more productive or fun.

  3. When I first started working, I used to dread Monday morning. In my case, I think it was more immaturity than anything. I missed college life where my responsibilities were less and I had more control over how my time was allocated.

    As I ‘grew up’, I learned that work doesn’t have to be hated and that there are still plenty of hours in the day to enjoy, assuming you utilize your time wisely. I love my weekdays. I watch the kids play their sports, I get things taken care of, I actually exercise more during the week.

    Each day is a new opportunity, and your post drives that point home perfectly.

    • Great comment!

      Yep, I know where you are coming from, I was the same way. But now I try to take advantage of each day! I think we learn (from TV?) that we are to live for the weekends, but why waste the weekdays?

      I can’t wait to get off of work everyday to do something productive or fun at home or out and about…

  4. Summer is great to have fun on the weekdays. It stays light until around 9pm now and we can go out and do more things. In the winter, it’s dark by the time I get out of work.. 🙁

  5. This year I started to ride my bike during the week. This was an activity I enjoyed only on the weekends. I occasionally will go out on a Thursday nit to start the weekend early.

  6. I second that opinion! It’s easier for me to say this, though, because I’m done with work by 3pm and have the summers off. 😉 Oh, to be a teacher!

      • I thought that too until I met some of the kids and coworkers that my husband works with – there aren’t enough vacation days in the world in my opinion to make up for how awful some of those kids, parents, and coworkers are…

        • Some of my co-workers act like little bratty kids 🙂

          I think you are wise to pursue blogging, that way you get to hang out with like minded people who are all friendly and helpful…

  7. Enjoy every day, and take pleasure in the so-called little things. Every day is truly a gift for each of us. There’s a finite number of those days available in total, so why not enjoy as many as possible? It beats just enjoying 2 out of 7 days!

  8. I blog every available minute during the week so I can use my weekends as I want. This means that I wake up at 6:30am Monday-Friday and am either working or blogging for all but a couple of hours for lunch and dinner until 11pm at least. Usually I can spend time with my friends on the weekends when they have time off and only have a few hours of blogging to do in order to wrap up the week. 🙂

    • You are amazing Crystal!

      I’ve never seem someone with so much consistent energy as you have!

      We’re all routing for you, and interested in where you will take your online ventures!!!

  9. I try to do laundry during the week, so I have more time on the weekends to do some fun stuff vs all errands. I like going out to eat midweek too. I hate lines. I still don’t think I do enough midweek. Like you, I’d like to work out more during the week.