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To IPod Touch or Not To IPod Touch, That Is The Question!

iPod Touch
iPod Touch

I’m starting to see more and more of my friends and co-workers with an iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch. 

Well actually I don’t see may of my co-workers with an iPod touch, but my son really, really, really want one for his birthday, and he makes this well know daily!  I’ve been resisting buying apple products because they are still pretty expensive in my eyes, but the real question is…

“Are Apple Products Worth The Price”?

With the original IPod (sans the touch), I would say NO! 

Personally, I can listen to music through a much cheaper Sansa MP3 player just fine.  Yes, working with the Sansa mp3 player required more effort, but for often $100 less, I was willing to do the extra work.

Time Have Changed!

As  you buy up the electronic device food chain, the story changes drastically!  Reviews based on other non-immediate family members, say that YES, the advanced Apple products are worth it!  Both my dad (yes, my dad have one!) and my siblings tout how magnificent these handy all-in-one devices are. 

So back to my initial question! 

“To iPod Touch or Not To iPod Touch”?

After taking my parents and siblings advice into consideration, consulting my friend Mr. Google (who has all the answers), and reading the reviews from well-respected sites like PC Magazine and CNet…  I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy my son a iPod Touch for his 11th birthday.

What do you think?  Is eleven years old to young for an iPod Touch?


10 Responses to To IPod Touch or Not To IPod Touch, That Is The Question!

  1. I myself have an ipod but will upgrade to an ipod touch. I need 32g of music space. My 8g ipod just isn’t doing it.

    However, I have another reason to opt for the touch. I do not use a cell phone. I do not need one. However, if I am out an about, with so many areas being WIFI equipped, a touch would be helpful to send email.

    • Sounds like a pretty smart plan to me!

      I’m actually thinking about getting my son the 32G model too. I figure with apps that are downloadable and plus music… 8G just won’t work…

      Thanks for the Tip!

  2. Well, think of it this way, you’re all about giving your kids an advantage to make them successful in life and getting them an iPod Touch is the right step. No, Angry Birds will not make your son the next great entrepreneur but small, hand held touch screen devices are every where and our lives are more and more dependent on them. Mastering technology is important to success.

    • Great point! Ironically, I’m the techie in the house, but I’m not going to get myself one. I have no problem buying my son one though… go figure 🙂

      I wonder if my daughter is going to want one for her birthday too (she’s only 7 though).

    • Very good point!

      I would like to play with it too, but I’m sure my wife won’t (expect for an occasional call).

      My son if very generous though, probably he’ll let us borrow it. If not, then I will by a separate one for the family…

  3. I badly wanted an iPhone, but couldn’t really justify the recurring costs – (not much of a phone guy), but then compromised on an iPod Touch!

    iPhone goodness without the recurring costs! Get the latest though, the display is stunning and newer games don’t work on older generations.

    And then Apple tempts me with an iPad…! Aargh!

    • lol, actually that’s what my son wanted too! But the extra expensive of having an iPhone, I just couldn’t swallow…

      A lot of my friends and family have an iPad, but that’s just way to expensive for how much I make… Maybe in a few years I could afford 1.

  4. For anybody, 11 year old or not, I would suggest getting an older model for less money. 🙂 She would still have a great iPod and you wouldn’t spend as much – win-win. I personally have a 16gb iPod Nano and am super happy.

    • Very true, and all he really wants it for are the cool games anyway…

      the facetime feature is pretty cool too, I wonder if it will work with an iPad, that would be awesome!