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A Frugal Night At The Drive-In

We’re at the local Drive-In theater, and having a ball!


It’s a Tuesday night and there are a total of only 15 cars in this huge drive-in parking lot.  We paid $16 to get in and it’s almost like we own the place!  There are mostly cute families with their kids, the atmosphere is very quaint and small townish.

I’m watching my kids slide down an old sliding board that looks even older than I am.  I went up to the playground to watch my son push smaller kids on the merry-go-round, when I decided to go check out the screen.  Surprisingly, it was made of very thin metal that has been painted white.  I don’t know what I thought it was originally made of, but I was surprised how thin the metal was…

I’m going to pay for it tomorrow, but for now it’s quite the experience.

Oh no, we listened to the movie via our car radio, and since we watched two movies back-to-back, our car battery died.  I was wondering why the car beside me started her car during intermission (now I know)!  As I was getting ready to ask a nearby car for a jump, my wife told me that the drive-in attendant said they have a battery charger for jumping the cars.

So I walked up and tried the door called “entrance” with no luck, it was locked.  I then walked around the building and found a door that had a light on behind it.  I knocked and got lucky as an older woman told me about the battery charger and gave it to me to jump my car.  It started the first try!

It’s now 2:30 am, and I have to get up at 5:45 am, it’s going to be a rough day tomorrow, but it was worth it!

You see, we like for our kids to have the experiences, and this is one of them!  Next we’ll have to go to our annual “camp out on the lawn” orchestra concert, then camping…

The Drive-In and other unique experiences are always well worth it.

Good night,


15 Responses to A Frugal Night At The Drive-In

  1. It has been a while since we went to the drive in. The one that was close has shut down. This has been about 10 years ago. We saw Antz and I can’t remember what else. Sounds like you weren’t the first to kill your battery.

  2. We’ve been thinking of going to the nearby drive-in – I never thought about the battery dying!

    I’ll be sure to start the car – thanks for the tip!

    Sorry about your ordeal though!

    • It really wasn’t that bad. It was kind of funny that my son earlier in the week downloaded a flashlight app from the Apple app store and we used that to see what we were doing with the battery charger (lol).

      Who would have guessed that an iPod touch makes a great flashlight in such scenarios…

  3. What a pleasant post! We don’t have drive-ins where I live anymore, but I do remember going when I was a kid (but just barely). I loved that little playground, that must be a feature at all drive ins.

    Were the mosquitoes bad? Up here, there are terrible this year.

    • Yeah, the mosquitoes were horrible! My kids were sprayed down with off very well, but I wasn’t… Big mistake on my part.

      The battery going dead wasn’t too bad of an ordeal. In some ways it was kind of neat (especially since I had it fix again very quickly, in fact we weren’t the last ones to leave. it was such a quick fix)…

  4. Your story reminds me when our kids were small. Our children would be in pajamas and go to sleep during the second movie.There are very if any drive ins in southern California. The land was too valuable.