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Boating Birthday Party For Kids

In the past, we’ve had kid parties at mini-golf  and other kid places like Chuck E Cheese’s.  This year we decided to try something different!

Boating Party Idea

This year we asked my son what kind of kid’s party he wanted and he said he wanted a Boating Birthday Party.  “Wow, that’s a great idea” I said, while thinking “the only problem is that we don’t own any boats”…

Yeah, we have friends that have both boats and jet skis, but I can’t really tell them, “Okay, my son wants a boating birthday party so I’m going to invite people you don’t know to use your boats and jet skis at this certain lake…, is that cool?“!  That certainly wouldn’t go over well with me, so I can imagine it would go over well with them either…

Luckily my son’s grandfather recently purchased jet skis and since he’s a great guy, he offered to bring over his jet skis and help out with the party.  Next, my wife called her good friend that has a nice newer shine boat and asked if she could bring her kids and come to the party.  The friend said she would do one better and bring their boat for everybody to use too.



So my son’s boating party had all of the necessary equipment lined up for use.  Since this is the first year trying this, we decided to keep the list of kids that he could invite to a minimum so that we could test the waters so to speak (no pun intended).  So my son picked four of his most solid friends, with such friends, we could have some party fumbles and they wouldn’t really mind.  So we had a great pilot test group of friends for our first boating birthday party.

Notes For The Next Boating Birthday Party

While we were successful at getting the equipment lined up, there were times when all the adults were socializing on the beach.  During this time the kids were bored and wanted beach toys to build castles.  Normally we have such toys, but both my wife and I forgot them this time.

Well, that’s a major mistake because the kids don’t want to listen to adults at a party, so I had to jumped in the car and went out searching for some beach toys for the party.

It took me 20 minutes to locate a store that carried the sand toys and then another 10 minutes to get back to the beach.  While not a party stopper, this was a major miss on our part and something that needs to be considered for any future boating party.

Boating Party Mishaps

No, we didn’t have any accidents or crashes!  But our friends with the boat had to leave early because they had to travel to Virginia that day for a small vacation!  So the kids didn’t get to go tubing in the boat much, but it was still fun for the short time that they were able to.  Big thanks to our friends for coming out and adding to the fun by bring their boat!  This wasn’t expected and was a great treat for the kids.

After our friends had gone, one of the jet skis mysteriously stopped working after we turned it off at the beach!  Oh no, now we were down to one jet ski!  The kids all took two additional turns, then we had to tow the broken jet ski back to the dock to be loaded back onto the trailer.

We were luck that the four friends that he asked to come didn’t complain and just made the most of the time they had out in the lake with the jet skis and boat!

Jet ski

Boating Party Conclusion

We had some rough moments, but overall, the friends had an awesome time (not of they had gone boating before).  Asked if they want to try it again next year, all enthusiastically said “YES”!!!

I think if we didn’t have such family and friends to have the party, we might have been able to rent the jet skis (and maybe even the boat for all I know).  While it might be expensive if you rent them for too long a period, it might not be that bad if you only use them or an hour or two.

I think it would be a blast to run the jet skis on the ocean someday.  Perhaps we’ll rent them when we are on vacation this year…

I’m happy my son and his friends had a great day, life is good!




13 Responses to Boating Birthday Party For Kids

  1. Interesting party MR, from what I understood it almost cost you nothing to get the equipment lined up which is a +. Might turn out to be very costly to rent these things no?

    • Yep, through friends and family getting the boats cost nothing. We brought some food and drinks of course. I offered my friend some money but he said I’ve overpaid him gas money in the past, so nil there too.

  2. Oh my gosh, had I even gone to a party as a kid near the water, I would have died. I wouldn’t care if there were sand toys either! I think you did a great thing and I wouldn’t worry about not having all the stuff at the beach.

    Glad the birthday party was fun!

  3. That sounds like an awesome idea MR! Props to you for being an awesome dad and fulfilling your son’s wish! He’ll remember this one for a long, long time I’m sure!

  4. I remember going on my cousin’s boat (42 ft. Chris Craft) when I was a kid (12 yrs old). It started out with cleaning the boat, but it was worthwhile when he let me drive the boat. My brother in law used to live on the Long Island sound with a boat slip. It was so cool going out on the boat. I would love to have a boat, but they are so impractical unless you have your own boat slip.

    • Yeah, I remember being in Delaware going out with my uncle and his friend. His friend owned the boat, but it was beatiful (and a little scary) riding in the Delaware river so far from shore. Especially when we went at night…

  5. I’m happy to hear the party turned out to be a great success. 🙂 Sometimes it doesn’t matter the activity, what can matter the most is the people you are with. Sounds like a great bunch. 🙂

  6. i am gonna have a boating party for my 13th birthday party… My grandparents have a big houseboat, so I am gonna invite like 10 or 15 of my friends to come and we r gonna go out on the lake and have samwitches and cake and icecream, and it wont cost hardly anything.. Except for the food. My grandparents have lifejackets and so, those wouldn’t be a problem of getting. Everyone would bring presents and we would go anchor out on the lake somewhere and have cake and icecream and then i would open my presents and then we could all get in te water, and it would be a blast!!! 🙂 I am sooo excited 🙂