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iPod touch As A Birthday Present

iPod Touch
iPod Touch

Up to the current last few days, I’ve resisted buying an Apple product.  That was then, but now I’ve changed my mind and I bought the iPod touch as a birthday present for my son.

To me, Apple products were just too expensive, especially when compared to comparable products in the marketplace.  When considering MP3 players, I always went with the much cheaper sansa products instead of the much more pricey iPod mp3 players.

When I first heard of the Apple product called iPod touch, it was in an email response from the blogger at  I was asking about it and he stated that it was great.  At first, I thought he was crazy…  why would someone want a such expensive mp3 player?  Later, I learned that it was much, much more than just an mp3 player.

Boy was I mistaken!  In fact, I now believe that the iPod touch is the perfect Birthday present.  The iPod touch is really more like the iPhone except without the build-in cellular logic and the expensive service cellular contract.

I especially think the facetime aspect of the iPod touch should be a fun way to communicate over the internet!  Facetime is basically a camera on the front of the camera that allow the iPod touch owner to communicate with other Apple smart devices via both video and sound.

In fact, I think the facetime feature makes the iPod touch appealing to girls and even older women (especially moms)!  It’s so easy to use and the social aspect of facetime makes the device more that just come nerdy smart device that boys traditionally love to play with.  The iPod touch, iPhone and iPad are game changers with respect to these devices just being in the realm of males only!  Very clever Apple, very clever!

Of course my son mainly wants the iPod touch for the games, chatting and mp3 capabilities.  But I think any exposure to the device will give him a heads start on getting comfortable to such technology!  This is why I think that the iPod touch is a great birthday present, especially for kids!

Once you get experience with the iPod touch, perhaps you’ll want to try out the latest Apple device, the iPad?  Read the article called “My Thoughts on the Ipad” written by Kris at Everydaytipsandthoughts.






12 Responses to iPod touch As A Birthday Present

  1. I love my iPod touch. I use it for music while driving long distances to stay awake. I have movies on it to watch on a plane as well. I also have a few TV shows and cartoons that I got for free from the Apple istore.

    • I’m thinking of buying a refurbished on from the Apple store or ebay, so I can play with one too.

      As a technology guy, if I can find one cheap enough, just for fun, I might mess with the code too…

  2. The Ipod touch was a birthday present for my son too, and he loves it.

    I am guessing it is only a matter of time before the Apple bug bites you MR! 🙂 Thanks a lot for the link, I really appreciate it.

    • Yeah, my son’s wishes come first…

      I still won’t pay full price, but if I look hard enough, I think I can find one for a good price.

      Besides, I’ve recently heard that Steve Job is god… (lol)

  3. This was on my birthday wish list! Do you have anymore lying around? lol I wanted it because it was the closest I can get to an iPhone without paying for the phone service. Also with Skype or Google Voice or Facetime, I could have phone capabilities as long as I had a Wi-Fi signal. Really the best device out there right now in my opinion.

    • I agree, a lot of bang for the buck (at least compared to other apple products…)

      I would love to have an iPhone too, but alas, I can’t afford it… 🙁

  4. I got the iPod Touch instead of an iPhone. Better splurge one time than pay a recurring fee on the iPhone!

    Absolutely love it! Some of the games are simply spectacular!

    • I would like to get one someday… 🙁

      I think I’ll steal my sons every now and then 🙂
      I’m going to search and see if I can get a refurbished one or something similar cheaply…

  5. Just like you, I never wanted to buy Apple products as well. When it comes to cellphones, I have always avail the free cellphones that I get from getting the carriers plan.
    However, just last year, I decided to buy the iphone 4 when it came out. I’d love it so much that now I don’t want to go back to the free phones anymore. It has bunch of features and apps. It is truly an all-in-one toy!!