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MR Cache: The Year Is Half Over and Now It’s Time To Get Up And Run!

Weekly Thoughts:

Well, we are past the half-way mark for the year!  I’ve slowed down my accomplishments quite a bit until now.  For some reason I feel that I should really pick things up and start to sprint for the rest of the year.  I’m not sure if it’s the motivational article called “How to Increase Motivation and Succeed” by the Financial Samurai or because I know that I have slowed down and it’s now time to do a full out sprint to the end of the year.

It could be the iPod touch that my son got for his birthday made me realize that the technology world has moved on past the old palm pilots of the past and now is very exciting and friendly!  I have to admit, I really want an iPod touch or Android equivalent!  Since the iPod touch sync up with various email programs, just having it hook to my google calendar would be awesome!

These past few days, I’ve really enjoyed my deck!  I’ve been sitting out under the umbrella in a chair reading Money Magazine and Technical books.  It’s so hot that it feels like I’m on vacation, and that’s wonderful!  Perhaps I could do both, speed up with my work and still enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Time to work on the looks of this blog, so here are some blogger articles to read…

Interesting Reads by Other Financial Bloggers

A Second Look at


Weekly Conclusion

Next week I will be on vacation!  I’m going to try and blog while I’m on vacation, but it might be difficult.  After a cool winter and a wet spring, Summer is just right, albeit a bit hot.  I’m playing around with the idea of starting more online sites, so now it’s time to do some thinking!

Time to get our second wind and starting running like an antelope!

Have a great weekend!






8 Responses to MR Cache: The Year Is Half Over and Now It’s Time To Get Up And Run!

  1. Thanks for the links. I too have so many unfinished projects and I don’t want the year to go by either.

    I just cleaned out my garage, listed a bunch of stuff on craigslist, sold a suit that didn’t fit, started scraping my house that really needs some TLC, called the garage door place for my mom’s door that hasn’t opened in over a year. Lots of stuff and that doesn’t even include my list of work stuff.

    • Congrats on the garage! We cleaned ours out and redid the walls and cabinets (started over Christmas break and finished maybe in February)–it feels soooo much better. I hope it feels great for you as well!

    • Shoot, I have to scrape my trim work on my house and repaint it.

      Thanks for mentioning that task, I totally forgot about that task until you mentioned it!

      I also want to use craigslist soon, reading your experiences and other’s with it makes me want to give it a whirl!

  2. Have a great vacation MR, and thanks for the link.

    I tried to avoid blogging when I was on vacation, but I couldn’t. I would come across something and think “I just have to share this…”

    Look out for jellyfish! 🙂

    • ah, my greatest enemy… the dreaded jellyfish in the ocean (actually my son’s greatest enemy).

      Hopefully if I get my act together, I’ll take a decent camera and include some of my finding too 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention MR! That’s awesome you’re taking some time off next week. I like blogging on vacation myself too! Phew, I can’t believe it’s almost August. Summer is flying by. Have a great vacation! -Sydney