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Yakezie Carnival 7/10/2011 – Birthday Edition, Part 2

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival – Birthday Edition, Part 2.

The Birthday part of the carnival was in reference to my son’s birthday last week, but his week it’s in reference to who just had her blog turn one!, and the newly born full-time blogger Crystal at (we’re very excited for her!), and Kay Lynn at who had her blog just turned two!, exciting times all around!  In celebrations, I broke from my diet and had cake and some ice cream!  Congratulations ladies!


We had so many excellent representation of personal finance blogger articles, that I decided to split the carnival in two parts.  This is the 2nd part of the carnival below.

Check them out, I think you’ll be happy you did!


Money Talks: Never Say “I Can’t Afford It” Again – Language is a powerful thing. Try saying “I choose not to spend my money on that.” instead of “I can’t afford it” and see how it feels.

Faith and Finance: Teaching Children About Compound Interest – One small habit can change the way your children look at money forever. By matching your kid’s birthday gifts with a contribution to the ‘compound-lesson’ fund, you can help your child understand the impact of compound interest. Are you up for the challenge?

Living in Financial Excellence: My Lawnmower Broke and I’m Not Going to Fix It – About six years ago my lawnmower refused to start. I thought I would attempt repairing it myself to save a little money. I also thought I knew what I was doing. This was one of life’s hard lessons that taught me how much I really don’t know. The short story is I ended up destroying the lawnmower and had to buy a new one.

Financial Success for Young Adults: Finance Lessons from the Hobbit – Learn how to manage your money from Bilbo Baggins himself. Don’t be a Scrooge with your money, be a Hobbit!

Yes, I Am Cheap: CEO Salaries Rise Faster Than Average Workers – The economy is on an upswing if the rise in CEO pay is an indication. While the average worker salary increased 0.5% last year, CEO salaries increased by 23%!

Totally Money: Top discipline tools for scrapping siblings – An article about ways to keep the peace with scrapping siblings

Outlaw Finance: The Psychology of Savings: 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Money to Invest – Pinpoints three common reasons why people don’t have the money to invest.

Deliver Away Debt: Marriage and Debt: Who Is Responsible – Some tips on dealing with debt so it doesn’t hurt your marriage.

PT Money Personal Finance: The Secret to Understanding Your Personal Money Style – Takes a look at what motivates us and how that fits in to our future financial goals and our present spending.

Frugal Confessions: Can’t Get Ahead? It May Be Time to Get Out the Machete – A lot of articles I write here are about fine-tuning your frugal habits, budget, and spending. It’s as if I ask you to take a scalpel and slit open the tiniest of holes in your finances in order to reap that extra little efficiency. But what if that is not enough? It may be time for some more drastic measures.

Squirrelers: Doctors and Customer Service – Story about a less-than stellar customer service experience at a doctor visit, brings to mind the thought that doctors are service providers and can only help their business by thinking more about the customer.

Faithful With A Few: 4 Reasons That People Fail With Their Finances: What I Have Learned As A Credit Counselor – A credit counselor gets to see many personal details of one’s finances. Check out this post by one, sharing 4 reasons why people fail with their finances…the reasons are worse than you think!

Invest It Wisely: Nature vs. Nurture – Nature and nurture doesn’t begin and end with birth. As time goes on, we gain more and more influence over our own lives. I firmly believe that we can improve ourselves as human beings by surrounding ourselves with people that are better than ourselves.

Investor Junkie: Lending Club (July 2011 Update) – This update marks now two years since I’ve been investing in Lending Club notes (see my first review of Lending Club). Since my last update, my NAR has decreased to 11.32% from 11.35%

Mom’s Plans: Three Strategies to Make It Easier to Pick Up the Pieces after a Natural Disaster – While no one wants to imagine being in the path of Mother Nature’s wrath, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself if you are.  Making it through a tornado or other natural disaster with your life and the lives of your loved ones is most important.  Everything else is extra.  But following these steps can help make picking up the pieces a bit easier.

My Journey to Millions: July 2011 Net Worth Update: Great Month – Usually I combine my net worth updates with some sort small complaint I have, but June was an amazing month for me both personally and financially.

Control Your Cash: Programmed to Receive -Great story about Don Felder’s problems with the Eagles band (of which he was a shareholder for 33% of the company).  My takeaway from the article was that it’s owning a piece of the action is smarter than being an employee.  Check it out, it’s a fascinating read!


And this concludes the Yakezie Carnival, the Birthday Edition!  You say you want more?  Check out last week awsome submissions to the Carnival in the Yakezie Carnival 7/10/2011 – Birthday Edition, Part 1!

Thanks for checking out all the great submissions, Squirrelers at is hosting the next carnival, which is today (7/17/2011) too!



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      The beauty of the Yakezie network that you created is that all the members are good writers (so far), and as they (we) grow, all the “blog boats” rise with Time…

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