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MR Cache: Try Window Shopping Instead of Buying

Weekly Thoughts:

Today, we went out to eat at the restaurant called Max & Ermas.  Since there was a Best Buy close by, we all went to check out the latest prices on TVs.  I was amaze to find that 46 inch HDTVs (LED and LCD at 120MHz , 1080p) were running from $499 to over $1,000.  I saw once that was running at $700 that I was really tempted to buy.

Luckily, I left my Best Buy Gift Certificates at home so I ended up just window shopping.  Normally, I don’t go to Best Buy much, but since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped to see what’s going for sale these days.  I have to admit, I was impressed with everything, especially how Apple now has a presence at the store, wise move on Best Buys part!

The stock market was been a continual rollercoaster lately.  I wonder what next week will yield (pun intended).

Today’s going to be a short post, this week and weekend has been very busy and I’m worn out…

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Hope everybody had a great weekend!


6 Responses to MR Cache: Try Window Shopping Instead of Buying

  1. I enjoy walking around and shopping as well. The last time I was in Best Buy was a few weeks ago to see what computers were available. I will be needing one in the near future but have been holding off as long as possible.

    • It’s still amazes me the power that my dollars can now buy! the laptop I bought a few days ago is a quad core system with a video card. It literally blow my previous system away.

      A new TV will be my next purchase, what’s holding me back is 1.) my current TV still works fine, and 2.) the newer system are so cool… LED, 3D, etc…