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Yakezie Carnival Newbie Edition Spillover

Here are a few posts from the Yakezie Carnival Newbie Edition that didn’t make the initial carnival because I was on vacation.

Sometimes errors to the spreadsheet happens and this one was caused by me being out of town with limited access to internet resources.

Isn’t it amazing how much we all depend on the internet for everything these day?!?

Without further ado, here is the rest of the carnival:

Sustainable Life Blog: Exercise Goal Setting – How do you set goals for exercise? Do you think they help at keeping you motivated?

PT Money Personal Finance: How to Find Time to Make Extra Money – Offers several strategies for finding time in your day for extra income earning activities.

Outlaw Finance: Where to Invest Your Money – Offers investment advice based on personal experience.

Deliver Away Debt: 10 Terrific Tips to Help You Stay Out of Credit Card Debt – 10 tips to help you stay out of credit card debt, even before you get there.

Stock Market Basics: Learn How to Invest Wisely – The article details the basics steps needed to start investing and the various forms of investment avenues that are available in the market today.

Little House in the Valley: Should Your Rent or Buy Your Textbooks? – An analysis on which is better; renting or buying textbooks. A cost analysis and some things to consider.

Free From Broke: The Best Credit Cards for College Students – What are the best credit cards for college students? I’ve listed some great student credit cards that offer up everything from cash back to rewards programs to low intro APR. See which credit card for college students is right for you.

krantcents: It Is Good To Be King! – It is good to be king or queen because you set the rules.

Our Journey To Zero: 130 Feet of Fun – What happens when my neighbors and I get together on a hot day? 130 foot slip n slide!

KNS Financial: The Treasury Department’s New Regulation To Protect Social Security Benefits – To garnish Social Security benefits can put many people in a financial nightmare. Find out how the Treasury Department plans to protect SS recipients from creditors!

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet: How We Handled Emergency Travel Expenses – Recently, my grandmother passed away, and my wife and I had to travel out of town to attend the funeral. Find out what we did to cut costs, and avoid tapping into our emergency fund!

My Personal Finance Journey: Petsmart vs. Petco – Which Is More Affordable? – For many of us, our pets can be just as much a part of the family as a child (I am a dog-lover myself). As a valued member of the family, it can be very easy to spend large amounts of money on toys, clothes, bedding, food, and health care products for your pets. Two very common sources for these products are the stores Petco and Petsmart. This post takes a look at trying to determine which store will actually save you more money.

FamilyMoneyValues: Investing Basics – History of Wall Street – Investing in the stock market has historically meant using stock market exchanges (and for now – still does). What are exchanges and how did the big ones used today get started? Read this post for a short history of Wall Street and how it relates to today’s electronic market platforms.


Big thanks to the blogger at!  Sorry, my bad for missing these excellent financial posts and bloggers!

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