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Blogging To Travel More

After reading blogs various blogs like Young and Thrifty and the Financial Samurai, I’ve decided that I would like to travel more.

Gulf of Mexico Sunset
Captiva Sunset


My problem is I have some pretty tight financial goals as is, so taking the extra money from my regular paycheck just won’t fly.  So instead, I’ve decided to use the money I make from blogging to start traveling to more exotic locations during the times that my family go on vacation.

Unfortunately, my blog currently doesn’t generate that kind of money.  After all, for the first five months, I only made $5.00 via Adsense.  Fortunately, every now and then I actually make $5 off of my site (not always, but occasionally).  It’s a far cry from when I first started, that’s for sure.

During my last vacation, I did a little blogging experiment where I would try to blog everyday while I was on vacation.  While I did fairly well, I did miss a few days.  Even with the few days that I missed, I would call the experiment a success.  It was a success because I was able to squeeze the articles in during slow times back a the house we were renting.

The nice thing about blogging is it’s not really location specific!  So I could be in Japan or some other far away place and nobody would know it as long as I kept publishing my articles.  From that sense blogging is the perfect job because it’s so mobile.

The first baby step that I’m going to tack towards my goal is to get passports at the end of next year for the entire family.  I hope to go to Hawaii next year, so I figured I would start the “acquiring the passport process” for the year following our Hawaii vacation.

After 2012, I would like to try traveling at least once a year to a different location in the world.  I hope I can generate enough income from this blog to fulfill that dream.

Time will tell,


16 Responses to Blogging To Travel More

  1. Great idea. It would be nice to have that extra money from blogging put to good use. I am hoping to use money I make to get out of debt a little bit faster. It will take a few years I figure before I can start making big dents.

    • Oh yes, I agree! If I had debt still (especially credit card debt) I would definitely channel that money towards those balances! Debt is a wealth killer, although I have to say, a lot of your debt is benefitial debt that was used to acquire money-making assets! Kudos to you!

  2. I think this is a great goal! Travel helps give perspective & helps a person feel more satisfied with their life. In retirement we try to have a nice trip about every other year, but I’m working on Mr. Pennies to make it once a year. Great idea to use blogging to get there! By the way, you need a passport now to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

    • Oh, I forgot about Niagara Falls! Thanks for the reminder, I live close by and like to go over to Canada to get close to the horseshoe falls part of Niagara Falls!

      Every other year is good too, perhaps I’ll follow suite and do the same since I go like traveling in the US too.

  3. We take a major trip every other year! Each year, we visit relatives on the East coast. Last year, we went to Vancouver and this year we visited New Orleans. Travel can have different price tags, so do what you can.

    • Sounds like a great time! So it sounds like a great summer for you!

      We have friends down in North Carolina that we visit sometimes. We need to do that same as you and visit relatives more often.

  4. I love blogging thanks to the location independence of it all. Every trip I go on, I do a little blogging and make a little money.

    Off for two weeks to Europe in October, and I plan to lock some business down!

    • Nice, very nice!!!

      You and Young are perfect examples of a total mobile business! It’s exciting to hear the adventures that you both have and learn about the exciting places that you go.

      Have a great time!

  5. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad I was able to be partly responsible for inspiring you to travel 🙂

    Once you start, you’ll be hooked.

    I actually used to travel this much (maybe more) before I started blogging LOL! And blogging is very difficult with the places I travel to (hmm high speed internet in Nepal is difficult to find hehe).

    Another way to save up money for travel is to just find some stuff around your home to sell and put that in your “fun fund” (because its extra money as well)

    Can’t wait to see your pictures of where you travel to!

  6. Why Hawaii? Get your passports and do a little research. Rent a 2 bedroom apartment in Venice or Rome for a week, make your own meals an enjoy exploring the city. Children under 15 ride free on the train in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Give your kids their own backpacks when riding the rails, we did when our kids were 8 & 10. Equador is beautiful and a good lunch is easy to find for $2 and the official curreny is US$. Travel is most often about the journey. Chances are your family will have a good time on a long weekend in Washington DC or on top of Machu Picchu.