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Frugally Having a Dad and Daughter Day

Every so often, my daughter and I have a “Dad and Daughter Day“, where only my daughter and I do things.

This past Sunday, we had one scheduled and so we were going to hit the town.  Now since my daughter is only 7 and actually had a soccer game in the middle of the day, we didn’t have much time today.

Here is what we did.

First, after eating both breakfast and lunch at home, we packed up the car and traveled 45 minutes south to play in a soccer game.  We lost, but at least my daughter was awarded the MVP award (this is her second time getting this award).  It was a close game, but the other team cheated pretty badly.  I’ve never seen little girls stiff arm other girls until this game.  It was like watching football instead of soccer…

After the game, we decided to celebrate her award, by going to a local ice cream shop, where I bought the traditional “mint and chocolate chips” ice cream (single scoop of course).  Since I didn’t get one, it only cost $2.00.

Next we went out for dinner, instead of buying 2 meals, I bought one and split it with my daughter.  We both drank water, so the bill only came to around $12.35.  Since my daughter is still pretty young and doesn’t eat all that much, this was the perfect amount for both of us (a win-win)!

Time was slipping, so we cut out the movie that she wanted (hooray, that would have been pricey!).  Instead we went to a local cafe and I got a latte and I bought my daughter a hot chocolate.  Then for the next hour, we drank our drinks while she read a book that she brought and I worked on the computer (or is it played on the computer?).  Ever now and then we would stop what we were doing and talk a bit.  It was very enjoyable and most likely a tradition that we will continue until my daughter goes off to college someday (let me tell you…, I’m in no hurry for that to happen).

After driving home and the shower that my daughter took (because of soccer), my wife tucked her in bed, then I visited for 5 minutes talking about how much fun we had.  I was one of those rare, great days, that didn’t cost a lot, but we got a lot of value out of it.

I hope I remember this day forever, and if not, at least I have it saved in this blog post!


10 Responses to Frugally Having a Dad and Daughter Day

  1. Days with daughters are special. I spent Saturday with my oldest (27 years old) at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. This is continuing the library tradition when she was 7 of checking out every book on horses that the library had.

  2. I have always been close to my dad and I still am. I like spending time with him and it is great when we can do it frugally. Just last week I took him to the Da Vinci exhibit here because I found a two for one coupon on Groupon. It was awesome.

    I think you are setting a great example about how to be a good parent and setting the right priorities.

    Congrats too on the award. That is awesome!