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Weekly Thoughts

Well, it’ official, my son is now taller than my wife.  As they were standing next to each other, I noticed that he looked an inch or so taller than my wife.  She wasn’t standing straight up, but once they both did, he still had her by a hair.

Yep, my son is becoming quite a young man!  It seems like he’s getting bigger and stronger by the week anymore.  I’ve come to realize that his weaknesses are really just my weaknesses that he has picked up on.  Now I’m working to change my behavior.  This is no easy task!  So far this year, he has straight As like he did last year.  So what little weaknesses he does have they are minor.

My daughter, while still shorter than my wife by a large margin is getting bigger too, and more beautiful and intelligent every day.  I never known anybody quite like her!  Ever since she was about 1 or 2, you could look in her eyes and see that she’s something special.  At 2 or 3, she seemed unreal to me, to perfect, she has such a presence!  People gravitate to her.

The point of the observations of my kids is that they are growing up quickly, too quickly in fact!  I wanted to do so much with them both, but they are growing up right before my eyes.  Kind of like a weed that grows an inch or so every day.  I really need to spend more time with them before they are out on their own!  Life moves fast when you have kids…

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My son had an awesome soccer game, he was everywhere the ball was, it was amazing, perhaps the best game that I’ve ever seen him play!  I need to start to bring my camcorder to capture these moments!  Same applies with my daughter’s games too, she’s even playing up a level!

Hope everybody had a great weekend!


25 Responses to Money Reasons – Kids Grow Up Too Quickly

  1. How old were you MR, when you started a family? I just turned 30 in August, no kids, and not married. My parents are calling and hounding me every week asking when I’m going to get married and give em grand kids lol.

  2. It seems like yesterday, my children were young and around the house. Before you know it they are grown up. In my case they are in their thirties. We now have an adult relationship and it is great.

  3. You’re so right… our daughter just started Jr. High, and it seems like yesterday when she was born. You also hit the nail on the head with our kid’s weaknesses just being a copy, or sometimes an enlargement, of our own weaknesses. That’s something I’ve been working on myself recently. Thanks for the great blog!

    • Yep, I need to slow it down a bit though. I think if I try hard enough, I just might be able to do it. Perhaps I will take my son to play golf more. Now I have to figure out an activity with my daughter too.

  4. Thanks for the mention. Really appreciate it. It sounds like you are a proud father who just wants to hold on to those moments a tad longer. Like 101 said, use pics and videos to capture as much as you can and don’t talk yourself out of experiencing something together as a family. You only live once.

    • Yeah, I relate directly! My son just rode with me to Target (actually, the trip was for him, he wanted silly string). It was an odd feeling having my son so tall and adult like.

  5. I wish I grew to be taller than my mom! lol I can tell you’re a great dad just by how you write about your kids. 🙂 I’d recommend getting a smart phone over a camcorder b/c they can do so much more! -Sydney