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Multitasking And Keeping Your Family Happy

This past labor day, I took my wife and kids out to a little place called Rinky Dink Family Fun Center.  Basically it was an activity place that has what seems like a ton of fun stuff for kids (and to a lesser extent adults too).  It has three putt-putt golf courses, an arcade, a go-kart course, bumper boats, a bouncy inflatable to jump in, a batting cage, food, ice cream, etc.  Pretty much it’s basically a kid’s paradise, but not for me.


putt putt golf
putt putt golf


I decided to take the latest book that I borrowed from the library along with my new laptop and was going to go to town and crank out a few posts for my blog.  Once I got there, my daughter convinced me otherwise (yeah, she’s got me wrapped around her little finger).  So, I bought 4 rounds of golf (at $6 per person) and we played putt-putt golf.  We all had a great time, and the kids, wife and I were heading to the arcade portion of the family center, when I noticed something very unusually.  There, in the room where they hold birthdays, tucked out-of-the-way sitting by a small table, was a man with a book and a laptop.  I thought, “he stole my idea“, but good for him!

As I stood there in disbelieve, a party of four young teenagers went over to him, asked for their dad’s credit card, then got in line for some food (ice cream I believe).  Apparently, he was multitasking by taking his teenage kid(s) along with some friend to the Family Fun Center.  You see, the Rinky Dink center has a pay one price and the guests can do anything that they want all day long, and I’m betting that is what the guy decided to do.  In my head I was clapping and congratulating him for living what I preach and multitasking to get more done.  He’s being a great dad, by letting his kids have a great time, while doing some serious work while keeps a close eye on them or at least know where they are at and what they are doing.

I was going to do the same idea as he was doing, but my daughter’s wish to have me participate in put-put golf, won out (and always will).  But in this guy’s case, his teenage kids and their friends would have a better time goofing off around in the park.  So for this man, he had a win-win scenario!  He got his work done and scored big points with his kids (and their friends).

I have to admit, I was dumbfounded to see my idea being practiced by another person.  And I thought I was so clever…  I believe that I just saw what I will be  doing and look like in another 3 to 5 years from now.  I heard the twilight theme sounds in my head as I left the future version of myself back at the Family Fun Center, very weird experience!

Do you multitask in cases like this one, effectively creating win-win scenarios for you and your family?



18 Responses to Multitasking And Keeping Your Family Happy

  1. I would have loved the Family Fun Center, so no book or laptop for me. We actually played putt putt this past weekend at my request, and I am great at go cart racing!

    However, I did blog on my Ipad while watching my son’s soccer practice last night, so I do multitask when I can. I just like to goof off too much I guess.

    • The Family Fun Center was awesome! The line for the race track was HUGE! We decided to skip that because of the line.

      Now that I have a business laptop and a offline blog editing program, I’m good to go! Who needs a WiFi access point!

  2. I don’t have children, but my wife would never appreciate that. 🙂 She wants me to be fully present with her (and I can’t blame her) because I am busy a lot of the time between work, school, and blogging. So, in some aspects I think multitasking is essential, but it is also important to draw yourself away from work and not miss out on life.

    P.S. It’s been way too long since my last game of putt-putt.

    • Family time is the most valuable time, no question about that, or at least until they are teenagers. I think the laptop guy (future image of me) was okay because I didn’t see his wife and his kids had their friends with them. Still, I think for me, you are right! I should spend time with my kids while they want to be around me, versus when they are teenagers…

        • I’m hoping for the best of both worlds. Go off and play with their friends while we’re there, then come back for lunch and chat with me while we all eat.

          Best of both worlds (sort of).

  3. I often take my son and some of his friends to Boomer’s here in South Florida. It is a huge arcade with putt-putt, laser tag and a race track. I work or read and they spend all day having fun. They do check in with me for drinks and lunch, actually sit with me and talk!
    Multi-tasking seems a necessity these days. although i admit to playing putt-putt with them at least once during the day! 🙂

  4. MR, I think you identified the reason why the other guy’s multi-tasking worked and yours didn’t. His kids are teens–they only need you around for money and a ride, otherwise they’ll go off on their own. Younger children want you to be THERE if you’re there! Mine are teens now and it is a lot easier.

    When my kids were younger, I worked out an exchange deal with my neighbor (our kids were the same age). I took her kids so she could do what she needed to, and she took mine so I could do what I needed to. That’s a better arrangement with younger kids. Multitasking doesn’t work so well when they’re young so you have to find ways that are out of the box.

    • That’s a great idea! Having a rotation with the neighbors would be a great idea! I like the have the kids busy doing think that are interesting, fun, or has a learning base.

      I’ll have to check with a few of the neighbors to see if they are open to that!

  5. I love mini putt and the arcade!!! I go with my hubby or the whole family. When it’s family time, that’s what I do!!! Of course if hubby and Jr. are playing tennis, I have my chair and laptop on the sidelines 🙂

  6. Your daughter did you a big favor, it’s much better to play with your children than to watch them play!! You can be on the laptop when they are grown but you can’t replace time with them!

  7. I was just thinking what a few other posters said..pretty soon your kids will be in their…”I’m too cool to hang around with dad stage”, so you better enjoy it while you can.

    Sometimes it’s hard though when you need a certain amount of me time.