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Why I Got An American Express Blue Cash Card

I’ve decided that the American Express Blue Cash Card is the ultimate rewards credit card for me!  That is why this is the first credit card that I went out and signed up for online.

After going out to the American Express web site, I came to the conclusion that choosing the card isn’t as simple as I expected!

American Express Blue Cash Card really comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Okay…, not really, they all look like a credit card, but they do have quite an array of plans in the Blue Cash Card program!  It seems the have an option for all types of different consumers, and while this sounds confusing, it’s actually great!  It’s great because you get to optimize your reward plan payout based on the card type that fits you the best.

So after a quick look, the following American Express Blue Cards were the best options for me:


American Express Blue Card
American Express Blue Card

American Express
Blue Cash Everyday:

  • Earn 3% cash back on groceries, 2% at gas stations and department stores, and 1% on all other eligible purchases
  • No rotating categories or enrollment requirements for cash back and no limit on the cash rewards you can earn
  • No annual fee
  • And lastly, Get a $25 Referral Bonus for each friend or family member who is approved for the card

This particular card is nice because it has some great cash back rewards on normal living expenses without the hassle of remembering to activate bonus rewards options every quarter.  I want my credit card to serve me, not me serve my credit card.

Another reason I got an American Express Blue Cash Card, to be quite honest, is that I like the looks of this card!

So now my American Express Blue Cash Card  is now my primary card and both my wife and I have use the same card.  We plan on using it as much as possible to take advantage of the great rewards program!

I think if you look into the American Express Blue Cash benefits, you’ll find that this card is one of the best deals out there too!


14 Responses to Why I Got An American Express Blue Cash Card

  1. Thanks for the thorough review. I have heard of this card and often wondered if it would be better than what I am currently using. Now I live in Canada so we do have different options than yous sometimes, but I know I have seen offers for this one. I will definitely keep this info handy if I proceed with a switch.

    What is your opinion on the Capital one Aspire card? Seems pretty good as far as rewards.

  2. Reading it over, the Captital one Aspire card sounds pretty nice, especially if you travel alot.

    I would like to travel more some day! If I do, I would definitely consider getting that card too 🙂

  3. Curious about your thoughts on the PerkStreet debit card that offers 2% cash back (5% for some purchases). You do have to maintain a $5k balance to get these rewards which may be difficult for some. Seems like you could get more cash back since rewards aren’t limited to groceries and gas. Wondering if you have reviewed this card – would like to hear people’s thoughts before I sign up.

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