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Will Google Enable Us To Finally Go Paperless?

Even though I consider myself to be frugally “green”, I’m guilty of still receiving plenty of paper from mail statements that show my brokerage account activities and other important documents.  I also would buy paper at the store (notebooks and such) to doodle ideas on and keep track of things such as list and research on various topics.

While the doodling my ideas on paper is still something that I will continue to do, the other forms of paper use are starting to go on the decline because my increase use of Google Documents.

How I Started Using Google Documents

One day, I was taking my lunch at the library, when I tried to log into a site that required a login and password (I have at least 100 of these).  Sure enough, I couldn’t remember what either my account name or password was (grrr).  This is when I started creating a spreadsheet of low risk online sites that I would record certain data about the various site names and URLs that I’ve visited, along with the corresponding accounts and passwords.  By doing this, I instantly have this information at my virtual fingertips without having to carry around a notebooks of passwords (never a safe thing to do).

Sometimes, I would be in my “Sites, Accounts and Passwords” google spreadsheet and I will notice a site that I haven’t logged onto recently but that I knew was a good site.  So in that way, it also helps me remember things too!

Evolution of A Google Documents User

From my extremely useful passwords spreadsheet, I started using google documents for number crunching, to-do list, and other things that formerly existed in a paper form.

Perhaps the biggest impact is that I started putting my business information and systems into the spreadsheets.  There is nothing better than having access to your business information at all times.  You could be in the doctor’s office, waiting to pick up your kids, etc and at the same time be working on your business documents or planning something important.  This is a win-win.

Future of My Google Documents Use

The awesome thing about the google documents is that they use a JavaScript type language to script out task.  The scripts combined with a time/scheduler in google enables things to run automatically.  This is very powerful!  You could create simple applications in google documents that could make your life much simple.

All in all, this is a great way to go especially when you consider that Google Documents is free (vs Microsoft Office).  I’m sure in future, my paper usage will continue to decline…

Have you every tried Google Documents, and what is your take on their office suite?

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10 Responses to Will Google Enable Us To Finally Go Paperless?

  1. I love Google docs too, and use a ton of them. But I have to say that I still prefer getting paper statements in the mail, and print a lot of things out. For some reason it’s easier for me to interact with many times if information is on paper.

  2. I’ve been using Google docs for the longest now. I actually have not used an office suite product on my computer for some time now. Mostly because I was frustrated that I had to keep remembering to save my files to a flash drive. Why not just host them online and save the trouble?

    • That is a smart idea. However, I don’t like the fact that Google is privy to my information at a whim. Whatever you put on their server they keep. That disturbs me a bit. But for convenience and not so private material–I like it too.

  3. I for one hate how helpless I feel when I’m not able to get an internet connection. I experienced this recently in NY when I was travelling in the area hit by the hurricane and I couldn’t get online for days.

    I’m in the process of organizing my online life and I’m actually downloading a lot of the files that are in my googlemail so that I can access them online. Plus I think they’re easier to find by filename vs who sent them to me.

    So, I’m actually doing the opposite of what you are. Before you put your whole life online, think about what it would be like if you couldn’t access those files at will. If they’re not critical then I say go for it. If they are, it might be worth keeping those offline.

  4. I agree that google docs are very handy. I use them now for to do lists, record keeping, etc. It is very nice not to have to worry about saving it to drop box or to a external hard drive or worse, emailing it to yourself.

  5. I just can’t seem to get used to google docs. i’m just too used to microsoft office software. perhaps if i keep using them, i’ll appreciate them more.

  6. Maybe it’s the way I have the interface formatted, but Google spreadsheets loads and scrolls slowly on my screen. For now, I much prefer using Excel for all my spreadsheets. Perhaps I need to take another whack at it.