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A Perfect Drive Home After the Financial Conference

I hate to drive long distances, at least without having a good audio book in the CD player.

When I started my drive home, about 100 miles in from the start of my journey, I got pulled over by the police.  I was pissed because I knew I wasn’t speeding, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  The police officer strolled up to my passenger window and asked me what was going on.  He said he saw me riding off of the road.  Now I hug the road edge but to be riding off of the road I would have had to go over those slashes in the road that alert people they are going off of the road, and that I did not do!

He started asking me if I had been drinking and other odd questions.  I told him I was driving home from a blogger’s conference and showed him my conference tag, and he said okay and left.  It was very bizarre, perhaps he was the one that was drinking!  Okay, that wasn’t so perfect huh…

About 300 miles into my journey on the route home, I was bored (and I didn’t like the audio book that I had playing so I stopped it).  Instead I started thinking about blogging and tried to come up with some clever ideas to pursue.  I admit that my focus on the road at this time wasn’t 100%, but there weren’t many cars (or semi-trucks) around at that time, so I jotted down some ideas I was thinking about blogging…  I was wondering if they were good, when I looked up and saw the thickest stub of a rainbow to my right that I had even seen.  It looked like a tree stump of colors.  At first I thought “WOW” and I was sure that many would consider this a sight!  But then I thought no, a sight would be a full rainbow across the sky.  Ironically, about 15 seconds after thinking that, POW, the rainbow is fully across the sky (very stunning actually).  Even though I’m not superstitious, I still feel optimistic about the ideas I came up with… funny how thinks like the sudden rainbow can do that (especially since it wasn’t raining on me at the time (obviously in the distance where the rainbow showed up, it was…)

About a half and hour later, I look in my mirror and I noticed the sun setting into a corn field.  In many ways that sunset reminded my summer vacation when I would watch the sunset at Captiva Island, except instead of going down into the ocean, it went down into the corn plants.  After it was almost set I noticed the dark amber clouds from the sun setting, they too were beautiful.  I actually drew some energy from the entire sequence of nature’s color display!

It might not seem like a lot, but seeing such a display was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful weekend (minus being pulled over and after I stopped wish I had gotten a rental car instead).  At least I didn’t get a ticket, probably because I’m a blogger, lol!

I hope the other pf bloggers had as great of a journey home as I did!



19 Responses to A Perfect Drive Home After the Financial Conference

  1. I was pulled once because I went over the line. I was in my wife’s red 300Z. It car not me! It was 9 PM, and I was going home. He thought I was drunk too. I did not have my license with me. He shined the light in my eyes and saw I was not deunk and let me go. Maybe they get a bonus for drunks?

    • Yeah, that makes sense. It was 2:00pm for me, and he didn’t even ask for my driver’s license.

      I think he thought I was talking on a cell phone. Perhaps they have some law that they could have charged me with…

  2. I think this is a sign that pf bloggers can get away with anything because they are so good with words…they can even talk their way out of a ticket. 🙂

    P.S. When if first saw the word “POW” I thought you were going to say you got in an accident. haha

    • lol, that’s a great take on it. I like to think that once I revealed that I was a blogger, he didn’t want to mess with me because it would be on my powerhouse (lol) site! That would be awesome if it were true 🙂

  3. Only fitting that a PF blogger should see a rainbow, especially after a PF conference. Rumor has it there’s a pot of gold at the end of one of them things.

  4. Wow.. That a beautiful moment, a sudden appearance of the rainbow and the sunset..It was really amazing! I am so glad that you had an amazing day aside from that officer.. lead generation

  5. He might have let you go because he already got a story out of it.

    Going back to his friends and telling them that the best excuse he got was from some PF Nerd at a blogging conference lol!

    • Perhaps he did!

      It’s funny, I went into the conference thinking that I would be with a nerdy bunch, but to my suprise, everybody was in all shapes and sizes… it was very cool and floored me how cool everybody was…

  6. Sounds like a great drive. When I was driving cross country one day with my 2 buddies, we drove through this really scenic area while we were listening to the forest gump soundtrack. It was dusk, red sky, gorgeous. What was amazing was that every time we went around a curb and saw another site, it was perfectly timed with the music we were listening to. It was so surreal.