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Best Way To Save Time And Money On A Small Sinkhole!

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Yesterday, I noticed that down my my mailbox (about  2 feet back from it), the grass in that area seemed to be a bit lower than the grass around it.  Based on common sense, most likely there was something hollow that was buried underground (probably a tree log) and slowly it has disintegrated over time and the hollow area collapsed, causing a hole to appear.



Sunday, after getting home from lunch, I noticed that the hole appears to be bigger!

Unfortunately, it looks like the start of a small sink hole forming in my yard.

To resolve my new Sinkhole problem I did the following:

  1. I went to Lowes, and bought three bags of the cheapest filler dirt I could find ($1.18 for a forty pound bag potting soil).
  2. With a shovel, I cut the grass into pieces so I could tear back the sod and expose the hole.
  3. Next I poured each bag of dirt into the hole, stomping the dirt down each time I applied a layer.
  4. Next I puzzled the sod pieces back together so the grass looks almost flat again.
  5. After a few weeks, I’ll go down and once again tear off the sod as I did before and lay down another bag or two of cheap dirt.
  6. Again, I’ll re-apply the sod in it’s proper place, along with a hand full of seeds.
  7. Hopefully, this will complete the process, but if not I’ll lay down some more dirt if it’s required.

Now you might be wondering how I saved money by doing what I did?

Well, believe it or not, this is not the first time that this has happened to me.  In the middle of my yard, a similar sink hole appeared.  That particular time, I waited over a week before acting.  The theory was I would wait until the hole stops sinking before adding the dirt.  Well, unfortunately after a week, the hole kept on getting deeper, and the sides where the hole appeared kept getting broader.  This caused a 1 foot wide hold to expand into a six foot wide hole.  I had to fill, and re-seed a much larger area on that previous hole… not fun!

Had I filled the hole earlier, instead of waiting a week, the sides where the hole appeared may have stayed intact!

If you are interested to read more about sinkholes check out this great article I found online: sinkholes.

Hope this doesn’t happen to you!



10 Responses to Best Way To Save Time And Money On A Small Sinkhole!

  1. Good Lord! Well, I am happy we don’t have a house and live in a condo. Our HOA takes care of sink holes. But we never had anything as scary looking as this one.

  2. Wow I would be freaked out if a sinkhole appeared in our yard. Sounds like you knew exactly what to do though. Hopefully that resolves the issue.

    • Yeah, me too. It kind of freaks me out because there are rumors of mines beneath my allotment… I think they are down the road a bit though (I hope)…

    • Thanks, this has happened before in my yard (elsewhere) and in the neighbor’s yards. I just wanted to fill it up incase someone fell into it or twist an ankle.