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Financial Blogger Conference 2011, Behind the Words

Most of what I heard at the Financial Blogger Conference I knew or supposed to some degree, so instead I thought I would talk about the energy behind the words of the speakers.  It’s not necessarily what the speakers told you that matters, it’s the energy you apply to move those words that matters!

Originally, I was going to write about my takeaways from the event!  But Hunter from Financially Consumed did such a great job, I thought I’d just reference his site: Ten Takeaways – Financial Blogger Conference.  Check out his article, it’s spot on as to what the primary takeaways were (check out the Ramit video too, it’s great)!

So I was watching Ramit and Adam Baker speak, I heard their words, but I also wanted to try to get a feeling for what makes them different from most of the other blogger (and really everybody) in the world.  And what I noticed was a driven kamikaze style to their behavior.  Ramit moved like a lion pacing in a zoo cage, ready to pounce on his next meal.  He spent more energy in his hour presentation that I typically do all day!  The same is true with Man vs Debt, massive amounts of energy was spent during his presentation too.

I think that those guys are very competitive and driven more than most of the people in life.

As I watched Pat Flynn from, the style was different.  He wasn’t near as aggressive, but he seemed very quick and smart about things.  I think he has learned to be very clever about matters and has the ability to go a different route, or even make his own route in what he persues.  If there was a style to emulate, he would be the one to be like.

J.D. Roth was too polished for me to read.  I’m sure he give a lot of speeches and was great with this one.  Mostly, from J.D. I saw a focused, passionate individual, but beyond that I wasn’t able to guess how he functions.

Honestly, all the speakers that I saw did a great job.  The conference was well worth the price!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!


26 Responses to Financial Blogger Conference 2011, Behind the Words

  1. I found Pat Flynn to be so refreshing. He was more ‘laid back’, but he got his message across really well. He was so humble, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    It was well worth the price, that is for sure.

  2. Great angle on energy. Would you emulate Pat Flynn because he is more in line with your personality? I think that would be my angle, too. Don’t think I’m a lion like Ramit or Adam Baker, but I do have my moments. To sustain it would be quite taxing. As for J.D., polished is usually a good thing. At the end of the day, does the laid back guy next door trump the super polished expert?

    • I think Pat Flynn is the guy I’m going to bet my money on! Cool, collective and thinking. Not making enemies, and living a great wholesome life. He has my vote 🙂

      Not that the other aren’t great either though… Just more my style.

    • I honestly didn’t want to leave! First almost all of the pf blogger I normally communicate with were there, and then you had the rockstars of the pf industry! It was a win-win!

  3. Great reflection. It makes me wish I knew about it earlier (and had gone). Looking forward to the possibility of next year and also taking “nuggets” from everyone’s takeways to improve my site.

    • It was great! Next year will be awesome too I’m sure. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go every year or every other year. I guess it depends on how my blog is doing 🙂

  4. I find that my enthusiasm and energy level increases when I am talking about something I really believe in. It is part of following your passion. I am glad you had the opportunity to hears some people who are passionate about their work.

  5. Thanks for the different perspective. @EverydayTips, that’s been my impression of Pat Flynn. I attended FINCON11 virtually 🙂 By the time I thought about it, it was SOLD OUT! That speaks volume.

  6. Nice recap. I agree that the different speakers’ energy helped to shape our time together. I thought they all blended well together and came at the right times. I’m a little biased of course, since I put it together. But I didn’t really know what would happen till we got there. So many of these speakers were first timers. They did a great job of preparing and bringing their best effort. Thanks for coming and for spending your time and energy to be there.

    • Thanks Philip!

      For those of you that might not know, Philip (from is the mastermind behind the entire conference!

      We’re all indebted to you Philip, the conference was truly awesome!

  7. I’m loving all the FINCON summaries. I missed it, but I’m glad to be able to get so much out of it anyway from everyone’s recaps. I’m sure it would have been better to be there, but thank you for the summary.

  8. I think some people are just bursting with energy to DO THINGS like Ramit and Adam Baker. Personally, I’m just not one of those people, but I can be competitive and driven.

    I think it’s a cool idea to look at the most successful people, pick the one that you can see yourself being, and then strive to be that!

    I am planning on figuring out a way to go next year, and I can’t wait!