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Joining Technorati

What is Technorati?

Technorati is a site that aggregates blogs from across the blogosphere.  It’s kind of like a reader’s blog nirvana (sort of, I don’t go there).  Technorati has one of the largest collections of blog sites and topics on the internet.  They cover blogs from business, women, sports, technology, entertainment, politics, video and blogging in general.  So as you can imagine, the depth of blogs on this site is very far and deep.

I’m hoping that by joining, the exposure that I’ll receive will have push Money Reasons to an entire new batch of viewers.

Wish me luck and please support my blog!

Update:  Technorati has failed to recognize my blog as a personal finance blog yet again.  Perhaps the term Money in my title doesn’t convey the financial nature of my post?  Or perhaps it’s my constant writings about dividends and wealth building strategies that I am deploying and which are working for me?  I don’t understand their logic in ignoring my site I’m a bit popular now, so I guess I’ll just ignore them too…



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