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Should I Spend More Money On My Kids, Especially My Young Daughter?

First, let me say that I spend more money on my kids than I do for myself.

And in my mind that use to make it okay that I don’t really get the latest and greatest electronic, or motorized things for them.  But lately, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I don’t spend enough and perhaps I really should spend more money on my kids.

I think we are somewhat rare in that we really only spend a few hundred dollars on each kid at Christmas, and even less for their birthdays.  To me that seems like a lot, but when I compare what my kids have to the neighborhood kids, it seems like they have less.

In particular, my daughter seems like she’s at a huge disadvantage because she’s ready to try advanced electronics.  She’s been asking for a laptop, ipod touch, or a cell phone for the last few months.  I’ve been telling her that she’s too young, but really she’s not.  I know she has the focus and skills to work such devices, but it just seems unfair to my son to give her such devices now at such a young age (she’s still 7-years-old).  Of course the costs are a concern too, I do hate to busy expensive things that lose their value so quickly.

Perhaps if I think hard enough on the matter, I can come up with something that isn’t too expensive, yet still gives her exposure to such technology.  Think, think, think…

On the other hand, I would like to give both of my kids some of the adrenalin rushing fun I had as a child (go-karting, motorcycle dirt bikes etc).

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Check out the new social health site “Health Buzzing” for some great health articles!  Now that I’m trying to improve my shape and health, I’m sure to be a regular there!

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19 Responses to Should I Spend More Money On My Kids, Especially My Young Daughter?

  1. Thanks for the mention! That is a tough dilemma indeed. Isn’t it possible to have a family electronic device? That way it teaches the idea of sharing, gets the kids acquainted with technology, and puts less financial strain on you? just a suggestion… who knows what the best option is.

    • We did that with the gaming consoles, but too many fights.

      Good idea though, but I’m sure they kids would fight over the eletronics… now if I were to buy a go-kart or minibike… wellllll that would be for the entire family (including dad…)

  2. Childhood is all the time we have with our children. Does your daughter know how to ride a bike? Play and instrument? Help with cooking, dishes, and household chores? Speak a second language? Read well? Know the multiplication tables? The most valuable thing you have to give to your children is time. So many parents quickly provide all the lastest gadgets to keep them occupied and out of their hair. They wonder why we are now dealing with generation “rage”. At seven teach her to love books, activities, learning. If you are open to church activities get her involved in choir, the Christmas pagent. I’m over 50 and still don’t have an ipod or cell phone. Life is too short.

    • My kids are lucky in that my wife is a SAHM, so they can do all of that except speak a different language. My daughter is brilliant though, so I’m sure she would pick that up too. I really am a lucky guy with respect to my kids, they are tops.

      But still, it’s a different generation, and while I don’t have some of the nice things they have, everything is relative, so I want the best for them.

      All good stuff you mention above though, time with your kids is very important.

  3. Hi MR – we’re say we’re not too keen on spoiling our kids with expensive gadgets, and yet our 15-yr-old has managed to ingratiate himself into a Dell Mini and an iTouch. Granted, that’s about all he got on two separate occasion (xMas and B-day), but still….
    Thanks for the link.

    • It’s hard when your kids get good grades and behave with such great manners. If my kids were spoiled or rotten, it would be a lot easier to say no.

      We said that our kids wouldn’t get a cell phone until the were 14, opps. I missed that one 🙂

  4. I’d say I see the same thing with my son. We don’t have any kind of video gaming system in our house, but my son does play WoW on the computer. However, the afterschool lady has a Wii and he plays there instead so I guess problem solved. I think being proficient at video games is one of those things kids have as common ground.

    My husband got a lot more than me growing up and he still ended up fine. I fear spoiling my kids too, but it’s difficult to find out where the line is. Luckily we don’t go to a school in a real expensive school district so there’s not as much keeping up with the jones’s there.

    • Hmm, that’s a good point. If they don’t know about it (the fun stuff I did as a kid), they won’t miss it.

      Besides they have things that I never dreamed of having, and don’t even have now…

      I guess overall, it’s fine… I’ll just go with the status quo that I’ve been going with to date 🙂