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A Blogging Black Friday Spending Spree

This year may be the first year that I’m excited about Black Friday, because I”m going on a blogging spending spree!

The past few years, I’ve been sticking my nose up on the fabulous sales that take place on Black Friday, but this year is different!

This year I’m going to buy some if not all of the following on Black Friday:

  • Online presence with another internet hosting company.  Yes, I plan on being that busy next year!
  • Specialized software that will help me advance my skills, starting with new theme.  My current theme is a beta version with some issues that I’ve only recently discovered.
  • A decent quality camera, I need better pictures to upload!
  • A smart phone of some sort.  Just having the internet access from one of these phones would really make my blogging life much more easy and productive (I hope).
  • Other things I have yet to think of.

Are you considering any purchases this coming Black Friday?

And if you’re not into Black Friday this year (like I really wasn’t last year), check out these great articles:

I could honestly continue adding great articles from super bloggers all day, but it’s the weekend and time to spend more time with the family!

Here’s hoping you had a great weekend!


8 Responses to A Blogging Black Friday Spending Spree

  1. Walmart is supposed to be having some good deals on cameras and Target too. I am probably going to buy a TV now, during the good deals, for my future wife and my new condo. Probably a new camera too. Definitely an investment because there won’t be deals like this during the month that we marry!

  2. No planned Black Friday shopping for me (I think I will still be recovering from my Thanksgiving Day food coma), however, I did just purchase a wedding gown this weekend. At $600, I think that’s enough spending spree for a while.