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Blogging on a Cool Fall Day

I’m in our guest room, writing this blog on a child’s desk.

It’s around noon, and looking out our windows, I can see the wind is blowing causing our neighbor’s trees leaves to fall, reminding me that soon it will be snow falling instead of leaves.  This year went by in a flash, the summer seemingly passing with just a blink of our eyes.  We had so much fun, that everything went too quickly!

This past summer, we vacationed on a small Florida Island called Captiva Island, experienced swimming with dolphins, went to a water park at Kalahari Resorts, and just basically kept busy the entire season.

Just writing this blog has been a challenge let along improving it.  I had planned on changing the theme, doing some SEO optimization, and other non-writing blogging aspects to a small but growing blog such as mine.  Seeing the fall leaves has started a fire under my butt, so now I feel like it’s time to run again.

So, that said, here are some great blogging articles to scope out while I play catchup.

Well, there you have it!  Enjoy the reading from this great group of bloggers while I go try and improve my backend blogging skills.



3 Responses to Blogging on a Cool Fall Day

  1. Enjoy the Fall, definitely my favorite month. Thanks for the mention.

    I know what you mean about finding time to implement all those great changes that would improve your blog. Making a breakthrough over and above the normal work routine is very challenging.