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Does Prenups Make Sense For The Middle Class?

Pre-nups for the Middle Class?

As a member of the middle class, I use to think that Pren-ups were for those people that were rich or had the ambition and drive to become rich.  You know Kim Kardashian (nice move on her part), Donald Trump and that level of rich

But Kevin at makes a great argument that everybody should consider getting a prenuptial agreement!  With the divorce rate lingering around 50%, why not?

Now according to Kevin, the cost would be around $700 for the legal fees for this to be created,  so it’s not cheap!  Most likely, it would be worth it if you are a student studying for a lucrative career, or you already have a high paying career!

Check out Thousandaire’s hilarious video on the topic:



Click on Thousandaire original article called “Should I Get a Prenup? Yes!“.  In addition to the hilarious video (truly a must see), he goes into the logic around the entire prenuptial agreement, and why it make sense for the all of us!

I hope you enjoyed the video, I know I did!  Make sure you stop the video when he’s reading the note that he picks up in the closet.  It made me laugh out loud literally!

Oh and to totally jump tracks on you, check out Betterment review at Darwin’s money.  Interesting article on making investing simple.

Now I’m off to enjoy my weekend!


12 Responses to Does Prenups Make Sense For The Middle Class?

    • That why I posed this post as a question.

      I think Kevin’s right in that it’s a great idea, but I didn’t have $700 back then to plop down for a prenup, but for Kevin, it makes perfect sense to do so.

      Also if you come from a family that has money, or you are studying to be a doctor, lawyer are your are already making great money it makes sense to do so too.

      If I were to get married today, it would make sense too, but not 10 years ago…

      I think there is definitely a faction that could gain from his message.

  1. My wife and I got married with $30 in 1989. I didn’t even think about it. Now if I ever got widowed and decided to remarry, then yes. I would want to make sure that my kids were cared for.

    • I followed a simple financial path as you. Today, I would consider getting one, but not when I was younger.

      Still, I can see it making sense for Kevin and others like him.

      Funny video though! I expect to see some great videos from him in the future!

  2. Like you, my bias is that protecting assets makes the most sense when you have something to protect. The focus should be on finding the right mate. However, the marriage divorce statistics cannot be denied although there are other things that make a huge difference. For instance, if you are compatible on many of the key issues, the marriage success rate improves significantly. This will be debated for some time.

    • True, I think a lot of people have learned that to marry at too young of an age reduces your odds for a successful marriage? Not sure on that, but it seems to make sense…

  3. Interesting video, I guess it makes more sense if both people are not equal in terms of asset ownership compared to 2 people starting out with nothing. The is the best protection against a gold digger if you’re having your doubts!

  4. Thanks for featuring my video! I do want to say that I think getting a prenup is an individual decision (like just about everything in personal finance), but it does make sense for just about anyone if they can afford it.

    Unfortunately “You maybe should get a prenup if your situation dictates that it would be financially advantageous to you” isn’t as catchy as “You gotta get a prenup”. 🙂