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Last Day of Golfing For The Year

Usually, I’m the happy-go-lucky type around friends.  I’m usually goofing off or just being crazy, childish yes, but still fun.

That said, this past Saturday, I was sick and it was obvious.  So when my dad called up to invite me and my son to golf, at first I said sure, my son would love to go.  My son really does like to play golf and he is pretty good for being 11 years old.

After my dad came up, I felt worse, but thought I’d tag along, just to see them play and enjoy the conversation.  Of course I took my golf clubs just in case…  As you might have guessed once I go there, I had to play too (sick but so what), so off we went.  Since I was lethargic and didn’t talk or joke around too much, I was able to focus and played my best game of the year.  How’s that for a twist!

I guess sometimes when you don’t have the energy for side distractions, you can concentrate and play a better game than your would normally, even when you are sick.  Go figure.

Overall, we had a great time, making fun of the bad swings that we all made, and cheering and complimenting each other on the great shots we had too.  It’s a fun process, especially when you don’t take the game too seriously.


Now on to interesting articles I read this week:

Watson, Inc:  Young People Avoiding Investing In Record Numbers –  This is a sad trend, but with unemployment so high among recent graduates, perhaps not to incredible surprising?  Mr. Watson does an excellent job of explaining the important of investing, especially if you are young!  This is a must read article if you a young person (or really any age)!

20s Finances: Obama’s Finances: How to Solve the Debt Crisis – Americans are left wondering how we as a country are going to get out of this financial burden. Read more about my proposal to solve the debt crisis that involves Obama’s finances.

Everything Finance: How to Save a Bundle on Your Auto Insurance – Car insurance is typically required by law. Most people pick their favorite company or the one their friend or family member uses and then set about paying their policy every 6 months. People often keep the same insurance company for decades, but doing so can cost you extra money.

Everyday Tips & Thoughts: Questioning the Panic Over Under-Water Mortgages – President Obama is amending the Home Affordable Refinance Program so those who are under water can refinance their homes. Is this new bail out really necessary?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff:  Budgeting in the Undead Stuff –  What a fun article…  Sounds like they really know how to enjoy Halloween!

Prairie Ecothrifter: How to Save Money at the Supermarket – If you’re anything like most people, you’re probably feeling the pinch thanks to rising food prices. There is some good news though – you can bring your food shopping costs down with some careful planning. Here are some tips to help you to save money on your supermarket shopping.

Beating the Index: Investing in Oil: 5 Junior Oil Stocks for 2012 – Discover what makes these 5 junior oil stocks top picks for 2012.

Okay, enough reading, not to go out and enjoy when is left of the last few warm days of the season (at least in my neck of the woods)!

Hope you weekend was as rocking as mine was (minus the part about me being sick)…


12 Responses to Last Day of Golfing For The Year

    • I think I would have passed out if I were playing tennis… (lol).

      I almost fell over once when I was driving off of the tee while golfing. I was in sad shape healthwise.

    • Thanks, yeah I feel a lot better today, but I definitely don’t want to go back out!

      Hope you had a great weekend too.

    • My dad’s actually pretty cool. He’s been an active his entire life in sports of some sort. Very competitive. My son is just out and out cool, fun to be around! It was neat having three generations playing golf, classic!

    • Thanks, yeah I was surprised I did so well. On one hole we estimate I hit the ball about 270 yard! Not bad considering I thought I was going to pass out on the drive there 🙂