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Christmas Is Coming Too Fast This Year

This year time is flying when it comes to Christmas!

We usually have certain things we get accomplished before the Christmas rolls around, but this year we are way behind schedule!  In fact, just yesterday, I finally go the light put up!  Usually we put the lights up in November during Thanksgiving weekend.

This year, I took a backseat and let me son figure out the lights placement and how to accomplish the wiring.  I instructed a bit with how the wiring should be accomplished, but he planned out how the wiring should be and where the lights should go.  Not bad for an eleven year old.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

The weather has been so warn, that it looks like it’s going to be a hard Christmas for us since we always (or at least usually) get our Christmas tree when it snows.  This will definitely affect our Christmas tree tradition by requiring us to cut down our Christmas Tree without snow this year.  We already proposed the idea to our kids to go this weekend, but they protested (wanting snow) and so we decided to wait a bit longer.

I thought I was done with Christmas Shopping, but wham, now I’m not.  The kids (really my daughter, because the Christmas bells no longer rings for my son) put a few things in the letters to Santa that we don’t have yet.  Actually, on of the big gifts is a new laptop for my son.  I posted about the inner turmoil I had in the previously posted article called: “For Christmas, My Eleven Year Old Son Wants a Laptop!“.  All those who commented swayed my opinion, so now I’m going to buy a laptop for him.  Thanks everybody that commented, your opinions really helped!

So now that I have a lot on my plate still, I need to get rolling, so without further ado, here are some of my favorite picks from the past week:

And now for the Carnivals that I had the honor of being in this past week:

Hope everybody had a great weekend.


17 Responses to Christmas Is Coming Too Fast This Year

  1. Those lights look fantastic. We don’ t put up outdoor lights because we don’t have an outlet out front for some reason. (That kind of sounds like an excuse, doens’t it?) Our tree is up and fully decorated though- we even have tinsel!

    I have a ton of shopping to do still. Even the best laid plans get derailed sometimes.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Unfortunately, if we waited for snow here in Virginia Beach, we might only put a tree up every other year, and in mid Janiary no less. Definitely unsat.

    We’re decorating our tree right now, and it’s a bahmy 65 and sunny. Maybe climate change is catching up with us faster than we realize?`

  3. Christmas is coming too quickly, indeed! I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet… and worse of all, I have no idea what to get. I’m hoping maybe a nice dinner out will suffice.

    • Sounds like a plan to me 🙂

      My wife and I don’t get each other much, but with kids, we have to. I’m the one that pushes the “spending on Christmas” envelope

    • I actually would like to wait until the after Christmas sales… But I’m sure my son would rather open it on Christmas day… 🙁

    • At his age, he won’t miss it. We use to have an old small artificial tree we would throw together each year. But after my son was two (or three), the tradition started…

      Wise move on your part.