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The Week Before The New Year

There aren’t many magical times in the year, but the week before New Years is one of them.

Why?  you might be wondering…

Reasons the Week Before New Years is Special:

  • This most productive time straddles the two holidays Christmas and New Years!
  • Most people have this time off because of two holidays being so close together.
  • This is an incredible time when many see friends and family not typically seen.
  • While this is a resting period when many parents play with their children in new games and other activities.
  • The week is a paradox of time, where people are both more restful and more active mentally at the same time.
  • This is the time when planning for the next year happen

Okay, above I mentioned the paradox of time, which is the entire basis of this post!  I find it fascinating that many of us take off the time between Christmas and New Years, and during that time we rest the most and at the same time we pull out of the ether our entire plans for the following year!  If that’s not magical, then what is?

At  the end of year 2010, I decided to keep it loose and just let what happens happen…  In one sense that experiment was an incredible flop in that I didn’t really did get any traction on any of the loose goals that I half imagined that I would undertake.  But on the other had it was a great success in that I’ve been able to take a very deep analysis of my life and the way that it’s being consumed by time.  This has enabled me to realize that I do have room to improve it.

In 2011, I’ve come up with what I consider some interesting new ideas, many of which I’ll choose and track in the coming new year.  So while I physically rest on my couch writing stuff on my laptop, I’ll be thinking hard creatively and in a goal oriented fashion!

So hopefully this “week before the new year” will be a magically productive time for me creatively!


10 Responses to The Week Before The New Year

  1. I find if I do not set goals, I flounder or just tread water. Goals and goal setting give me focus and something to accomplish. I am using this time to wrap up 2011 and plan 2012.

    • treading water is what I did. At time I had accomplishments on weight loss, but something would always dislodge my progress. I think I’m the better for the year without goals, but only if I capitalize on my observations from this past year.

  2. We’re having a good time with visiting family, so not so much time for rest and contemplating. The last weekend will be a time for relaxation. I like project planning rather than setting goals.

  3. We are going to Flagstaff for a couple days with my daughter to play in the snow! I’m not sure how much resting I will do over the next 2 weeks of vacation but I’ll sure try to fit some in while we’re having fun!