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Unusual December Holiday Season…

Sometimes the holiday season just doesn’t cooperate with us!

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Quite often, it magically snows the day we go to chop (erh saw) saw down our Christmas Tree as part of the start of favorite Family Christmas Traditions.

But not this year…

This year there was no snow!  We felt kind of silly pulling our freshly sawed down Tree is a big black plastic sled without snow on the ground, but oh well…  To top off a bad start, my daughter had a temperature of 104.2 degrees!  We come close to taking her to the hospital in fact!  So for this trip, both my daughter and wife stayed inside the Tree Farm building while my son and I picked the tree this year.

At least our Christmas Lights and Tree are finally done!!!

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Hope your holiday is off to a better start than our!



4 Responses to Unusual December Holiday Season…

  1. Your poor daughter! Hope she is better. Sounds like you guys have a wonderful tradition that normally works. Here in Houston it is a gorgeous 50-60 degrees…but since I am from PA it does get difficult to get into the spirit sometimes.

  2. We had rain today and 50 degree weather, which is unheard of in the midwest! The grass is still somewhat green here, but I’m happy because I don’t want to shovel snow.

    I hope your daughter feels better and that it snows before Christmas for you!