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Frugality Taken Too Far – The Great Egg Switcheroo

Frugality isn’t robbery, or at least being inconsiderate of others!

As I mentioned in a previous articles, I’m starting to lose weight, trying to alter my lifestyle.  Part of my routine is eating two eggs in the morning for breakfast during the work week.  My morning stable has been two eggs.  I’ve actually always been a big fan of eggs, so I’m very familiar with both the weight and the shape of extra-large eggs.

This past weekend, my wife went shopping and I asked her to pick me up a carton of eggs, since I was down to my last two.  So she returned from the store, and my extra-large carton of eggs was in the fridge as expected.  Today, I decided to hardboil my eggs for my breakfast meal for next week.  I picked up the carton out of the refrigerator, and had a feeling something was wrong.  I open the carton up, and all 12 eggs were there as expected, so I chalked it up to nothing and started getting ready to cook them.


white egg


So I proceeded to cook up a batch of 12 eggs.  After my 15 minutes of cook time, I drained the eggs and was putting them in the carton when it hit me!  The eggs were wrong!  They were much to small and light.  Actually I think it was when I put the eggs back into the carton and they were so loose that I realized that someone has switch the extra-large eggs for a smaller size (guessing I would say they were medium-sized eggs)!

This cheap act that someone performed means that I only get 75% or less of what I would normally eat if I were to have two extra-large eggs.  I was steaming mad!

So some person swapped out the extra-large eggs that should have been in the carton for medium eggs (or large eggs).  Such a moved probably saved them 20 cents per carton.  So this darkly frugal person, saved less than a quarter and in the process ripped me off.  Nice…

So if you find yourself in the store getting eggs, make sure you open the carton and even take one of the eggs out, because who know what kind of unscrupulous person may have performed an Egg Switcheroo on you too!

Be forwarned friends!



21 Responses to Frugality Taken Too Far – The Great Egg Switcheroo

  1. That’s terrible. I have never heard of such a thing. I will check to make sure there are no cracked eggs in the carton, but I would never have even thought about switching sizes to save (er, steal) money.

    • People are funny in what they do. I personally would have never though of doing this, and I’m sure the smaller carton size was tight…

      I ate two eggs from it today, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The yolk goes a long way…

  2. Oh my gosh, that could be featured in Ramit’s “Extreme Frugality” video. I cannot imagine doing an egg switch! That sounds like a lot of work to me, for not much reward.

    I will be wary for such tricks though!

    • lol, yeah it would have made a good fit!

      I’ve never seen it happen before, and I buy a lot of eggs. It will make me check them too.

      Although it’s probably not possible to get arrested for this, it would be funny if one did… lol

    • I wonder what a person that does such a think looks like. I would like to catch them in the act, just to know what they look like.

      You are right though, pretty clever on their part.

  3. It’s like the Great Train Robbery, but with eggs! Make a movie, you’ll be rich (and 20% thinner because of the 20% less egg you’ll be eating….).

  4. That’s low. I wonder if the egg company did that too. Or maybe the store did it. You know when you pick up a carton with broken eggs and put it back. Maybe they just round them up and stick them in any convenient carton. 🙂

    • Hmm, working at a grocery store in the past, your point about the store doing it is a viable option!

      I don’t think the company would because of the way they are structured, but a grocery store employee as part of the job and mistakenly putting it in the wrong carton is definitely something to consider.

    • What kind of eggs do you eat? (lol)

      It’s funny, I think the person that did it didn’t even think (s)he was stealing. I think that the an XL egg is at least 30% larger. But the savings only comes to about 15 to 20 cents per carton.

  5. Wow. I can’t believe this is a true story. That is just desperate.

    I am glad that i am not so Poornthat I’d be stealing eggs.