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Working Throught Sickness Weekend Summary

Last week was a hard week since I was sick in multiple ways!

First on Monday, I had a small knee injury that prevented me from walking, but I was still able to go to work, with pain.

Tuesday while I was at work, I somehow caught a stomach virus.  By the time I was done with work and drove home, the pain was horrible.  I totally forgot about the pain in my knee…  This pain stuck with me Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  It was so bad that I stayed in bed both Wednesday and Thursday!  I really debated about going to the ER, as the pain was so sharp and never-ending…

Friday, I still was sick from the stomach virus, but able to work.  However, at the end of the day, it turns out I now have a cold.  Coughing and a stomach virus doesn’t mix well!  Saturday and Sunday again, I mostly rested (grrr).

So I had a horrible week!  But many of those days I was still able to be productive by taking the correct symptom reliever (except for the stomach virus).

Techniques to combat small illnesses:

  1. For my injured knee, it was simple, I just wrapped it in an elastic bandage and took ibuprofen, piece of cake.
  2. The stomach virus was tougher.  I endured hours of pain and drank too much of a bottle of pepto bismol (which didn’t help at all).  I was close to going to the ER when my wife suggested that I try a heating pad on my stomach.  At first this sounded like something that would make me even sicker, but when I tried it, it did help.  Still the continual cramping in my stomach knocked me out for days.
  3. Colder are easy, there is plenty of over the counter medicine that can help relieve the symptoms.  This particular time I used buffered aspirin.  If it get worse, I’ll keep moving up to heavier medicine.

All this to say try to figure out ways to keep moving (lol), as most things pass and the body recovers itself.

Now I’d like to mention some other great articles on the web while I was home sick last week:

Hope you had a better weekend than I did!



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