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Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials And Game Thoughts

The Super Bowl XLVI was a close game as expect, and the Giants won again.

In fact, in many ways it was very similar to their previous Super Bowl match-up.

While it was a fairly entertaining game to watch, I’m still glad I’m at home instead of paying the face value of Super Bowl  XLVI which is $5,000!  I’ve hear that it’s rare that the tickets go for that much though.  Usually they sell closer to 60% of that price…


Super Bowl 2012 Halftime

The half time show was performed by Madonna and was by far one of the most elaborate that I’ve seen in a few years.  She looked incredible, but did lack a certain spring in her dance performance.  Still very much worth watching… and I’m not even that crazy about Madonna songs.


Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Ironically, even though the game was great, my favorite part was watching the Honda’s Matthew Broderick commercial which was a spoof of the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“.



I have to admit I also like the Toyota commercial too:



Not to be outdone, Acura had a great commercial two with both Leno and Seinfeld. Seems like the car commercials are ruling the Super Bowl commercials this year.


Okay, Enough Commercials, Now Onto Game Thoughts…

At the end when the Giant’s play Ahmad Bradshaw fell backwards over the goal line to make the touchdown was very interesting.  I’m sure the New York coach told him to stop on the 1 yard line, then they would probably have Brandon Jacobs pound it in to make the last touchdown and game winning score after taking most of the time off of the clock.  Instead Bradshaw made for the goal line, but then not meeting any resistance slowed and appeared to stop, but then fell over backwards and made the touchdown by falling over the goal line on his butt, almost like it was slow motion.

Now I know tomorrow at work we are going to debate if he intended to do this or not, but either way it made for a much more exciting game.  It’s always good to see the losing team be given another chance (unless you’re the winning team).

So by Bradshaw falling, it made it much more exciting!  One of the most original ways to win the last scoring point in a Super Bowl game, but all the same, I would want to make the last scoring point too if I were Ahmad.

Overall, a very close game if not the most exciting.

Hope you enjoyed it too,


More on Bradshaw touchdown:  My wife asked me why didn’t Bradshaw want to make the touchdown.  Well he did, but the coach told him not to because there was 1 minutes still left on the clock.  The smartest play from the team perspective would have been to run the ball to the 1 yard line which would have either caused the Patriots to waste their last timeout, or ate up the majority of the clock.  Then have Brandon Jacobs pound in for a touchdown (at 6′ 4″ and weight around 270, he would be practically unstoppable).  Giving Tom Brady 1 minute to try and win was a bad move from the perspective of the NY Giant’s coaching staff…

13 Responses to Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials And Game Thoughts

  1. Of course he was supposed to hit the deck but I think didn’t remember in time. The goal line seemed to surprise him. It could have cost them the game. Glad it didn’t though.

    • Yeah, there were a lot of funny (mostly car) ones this year. The Go Daddy ones are just getting old and boring anymore…

    • it was deja vu all from the last time they met in the Super Bowl…

      I think the Halftime show was the best part about it this year 🙂

  2. I missed a lot of the commercials because I didn’t want bowel infections. 🙂
    Thanks for putting the best ones here. I only saw part of the Ferris Bueller spoof.
    I would take the touch down too. The point is there and who knows what will happen in the next play.
    Good game.

    • lol, me neither, plus they are all on youtube anyway. In fact the Ferris Bueller one I have above is longer than what was played on TV. The TV version cut a few small pieces out.

      Even though it wasn’t very exciting, it was still a good show.

  3. I thought at first that he was grandstanding with that touchdown, then understood it was an attempt at strategy.

    I loved the exercising dog…

    Halftime show was better than I thought it would be, probably because I am not a Madonna fan.

    I hope Joe feels better soon! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed the game, thought it was competitive with a good storyline and two big time franchises. I have both Brady and Bradshaw in my keeper fantasy football league. I won the league this year, and those guys helped, so I just didn’t want to see serious injury to them:)

    Commercials were good, a few quite funny. I thought the halftime show was better than I would have expected.

    How about the notion that ads are sold for 3.5 million for 30 seconds I believe?

  5. Couldn’t disagree with you more about the halftime show. It was comical and not in a good way. Madonna looked TERRIBLE trying to dance and keep up with her 22 year old dancers. I almost felt sorry for her when she came out with the pom poms (and then I remember how much money she has and then felt bad about myself lol).