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Lifestyle Change Update – Moving Past The Setbacks

The end of January was tough with two small health setbacks that in the past would have stall my progress on changing my lifestyle.

Instead of embracing the setback, I thought of ways to use it to my advantage.  Very seldom in life is it an absolute “black or white” scenario, where it’s either one choice or the other, and since life has so many variables, it’s easy to overcome such setbacks by continuing to move forward.

Obviously since I was pretty sick, I wasn’t able to do much in the lines of working out, but that didn’t prevent me from losing weight!  Actually not eating by being sick help that goal along just fine!  Many time after a rough illness, I come back stronger than normal and determined to make up for lost time, not to mention a bit of cabin fever to help me kick-it into gear.

Ironically, instead of just sticking with my basic goals, I find that I’ve created something that reminds me of a Goal snowball.  More and more goals keep piling up in my new lifestyle change.  If I can juggle them all,  really will become quite a different person entirely.  Well see…

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All of the above articles had something about distinct Lifestyles and changes.  Each of the post above I would recommend reading because each has a lesson that is stronger than most if you’re striving to change your life or your lifestyle.

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Lifestyle Conclusion:

I wonder if it’s possible to become smarter in a lifestyle change?  I think it’s easier to change when you let go of the mental barriers that you may have learned growing up or from other sources of influence…  Perhaps you’ll see a lot more from me this year?

Getting Smarter?


2 Responses to Lifestyle Change Update – Moving Past The Setbacks

  1. Here’s best of wishes with the lifestyle changes. Losing weight after an illness is like a little thank you note from your body for taking care of it and getting better. Thanks for the link!