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Wealth Without Health Is Worthless

What is wealth if all you do is sit at home, perhaps watching TV day in and day out?

Oh sure, you might have the nicest leather couch, and the biggest TV on the block, but from a functional and productivity standpoint, you are still watching TV like most of us middle class folks.  Unfortunately, without your health, after working for 8+ hours a day, you are tired and prone to sit and watch either false fantasies on TV, or not quite real, reality TV.

I think without decent health, you live a more confined existence, at least compared to your potential.  Some of us might have permanent health problem(s) that prevent us from doing what other more health people can do.  But that’s not the case with me or the majority of us… my problem is twofold.

  1. I don’t move enough.  Sitting in my cubicle day in and day out, the fat just stick to me like cotton candy collecting on a cotton candy stick at a carnival.  I need to get up and get more water, or anything more often as long as I move around more!
  2. My diet is poorly planned.  Instead of taking 15 minutes to preparing food more often at home, I’ll take 10 minutes to drive to a fast food drive thru, then wait in line 5 minutes to get the food, then drive home another 10 minutes, for a total time of 25 minutes.  Kind of crazy and lazy huh…

Small Changes I’m Making

I use to rush in late to work, but on the way drive through the “Drive Thru” at McDonalds.  Typically these past few months, I would get the two sausage sandwiches and a medium latte.  This would run me around $5 a day, and (of course) add to the time that I was already late.

Not anymore, now I buy my breakfast for about $3 in the “on the premise” restaurant that the company provides for employees and visitors.  While I don’t get a latte anymore, the coffee is the Starbuck’s brand and overall pretty good.

For weight control, I’m started leaning my diet towards low-carb, but with plenty of veggies (especially broccoli).  The low carb combined with not eating after 11:00pm (perhaps someday I’ll wean myself back to 9:00pm like most people) has enabled me to lose about 7 pounds these past few weeks.

Reason to Change

As I watch my kids grow (especially my son, I realize that life (and time) passes by pretty quickly and if you don’t do something with it, you’ll look back someday and realize that you’ve missed out.

Missed Activities

Here are some of the things that I’ve missed out on because I wasn’t healthy enough to participate:

  • Skiing – My wife and son usually go, but I’m too heavy to ski well so I’ve stayed at home while my wife and friends go hit the slopes.
  • Swimming – I’m too heavy, especially from where I came from.
  • Jogging – Ten years ago, I envisioned my son and daughter jogging or at least walking more.

I can go on and on… but the point is without your health, you are limiting yourself too much in life.  So back to my title, wealth without health is worthless…

Enjoy the summer, I hope to!


22 Responses to Wealth Without Health Is Worthless

  1. This is a good reminder to exercise and drink more water. I do go to the gym anywhere between 1-3 times per week, and try to take the dog for a walk and eat healthy (if not healthy, at least in moderation). I did lose 22 lbs last year, and I’ve been hoping to lose another 10 this year.

    • Winter is always tough for me, but now that it’s spring, it’s time to get more active 🙂

      I hope to lose 30 or 40 more pounds. After getting down to that level, I would be pretty happy.

  2. I really need to address this more too. After so many years of doing computer work day and night, I just haven’t taken the time to exercise and eat properly. I always tell myself that doing so would cut into my productivity. Well you’re right that all that won’t matter if I am sacrificing my health. It’s just tough to stop chasing money so much.

    • lol, you sound like me…

      A few years ago, while not completely healthy, I was in good enough shape to still do things, but now I feel I’m too heavy. But it’s reversible (unless I let it keep escalating).

      I’m confident that I can reverse it now, before things break!

  3. Starting small is key. Skiing doesn’t take much energy if you just do the easy slopes. Don’t be intimidated…or better yet, go in knowing you’ll stink and be pleasantly surprised afterwards. It was a big step for me to go swimming at the pool and not having a perfect figure anymore, but I do it for the kids and they are just happy that I go with them and don’t care about how I look in my bathing suit.

  4. Good luck Don. It’s not easy, but I think you are making the right moves by starting small. Just keep it up and add more small moves when you’re ready.
    I thought swimming is good for heavier people? It’s difficult, but you can do it right?

    • It was nice when we use to have a community pool in the area, but it’s in process of being replaced so they (the city planners) tore it up leaving me and my family without a rec facility close by 🙁

      Even out of shape, I’m a great swimmer. My grandparents had a pool and I was in the water since I was a baby.

  5. Making small changes is much more effective than some seeping change. When I went on a diet years ago, I realized that it was the afternoon candy bar that helped ruin me. I immediately cut that out, but replaced it with fruit. Cut and replace when appropriate is the start of it.

    • Sounds like a smart and healthy move! I’m losing weight quickly (I don’t think I’m suppose to be a heavy guy), so hopefully next month will be a big one in terms of weight loss.

      Small changes now, big changes next month (I hope)

  6. It’s easy to lose focus on keeping healthy, particularly if you’re spending a lot of time thinking about money and how to have more of it. This is a useful reminder, I’m off to set up the exercise bike, maybe I could read some personal finance books at the same time. Perfect!

      • Agreed, audio is great. I’ll often be learning Spanish or French via audio courses while I’m on the bike. Maybe it’s too much to add the reading in at the same time! Ultimate multitasking.

  7. no matter how you sugarcoat it, exercise is terribly boring.. i love to get my reading done when i am on the elliptical.. and then i put my headphones on and head for the free weights..

    my problem is that work often gets in the way of working out.. the only free time i have is late at night.. when i don’t want to work out, because it will keep me up past midnight

    • Yeah, for free weights I always had certain songs I would listen to so I could get an extra boost in adrenaline.

      I never really got into cardio, but its probably time to do so for me.

  8. This is a huge problem for a lot of people. I have been looking at joining the gym lately. I am pretty active, but don’t exercise nearly enough.

    Your headline says it all. Steve Jobs had billions of dollars and died anyway. Family is most important.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss 🙂

    I’ve been trying to lose weight without success for a few months now, so it’s good to see someone else making progress.

    I think you could swim though, or at least get in the water and walk laps at a gym for resistance. Don’t let self-consciousness prevent you from doing something you might enjoy like that.

    • Thanks, yeah getting in a pool would be great! I’ll have to look around, I’m sure some neighboring cities have one still.

  10. 7 pounds in a few weeks – that’s great! Congrats on the success you’ve had by making those changes. It’s amazing how a few minor changes and some planning can male a difference.

    • Considering that I’m not on a very intense low-carb diet, I’m pretty impressed too 🙂

      It’s funny how just a little change can make the experience much better!

  11. I agree with the comment about exercising being fun. Most people hate the idea of exercising because they envision running on the treadmill for a hour a few times a week with 10 other people at a local gym. Hint: exercise can be fun. There are 100s of activities/sports you can do in place of going to a gym. Save the $30-50 a month and go running at a park or bicycle on a trail. Get outside. Gyms are so boring and depressing. Find something you like and do it. Exercise should be something you look forward to as a stress reliever, not something you dread. I happen to enjoy BMX, so I hit up my local skate park 2x a week. It’s a great workout, it relieves all my stress, and I get to socialize with the younger guys there.

    Make exercise fun or else it will only be temporary, like fad diets.