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Are You Trying to Become Financially Independent?

Can you honestly say that you are trying to become financially independent?

I wasted a lot of the earlier stages in my life watching way too many TV shows, which provided no value whatsoever.  I watch a lot of the TV shows at the time so I could relate with my classmates and other so it would enable me to fit in when others talked about such shows, and because I believed this is what everybody else was doing.  Now I realize what a horrible waste of time TV was!

Ten years out from whatever shows you might be watching today will no longer be relevant, and no longer talked about, and besides who wants to talk about shows from ten years ago anyway?

Another way that I wasted time was believing that only the rich can build wealth or you have to get lucky to become rich.  This was a huge mistake.  How can you expect to become financially independent if you don’t believe that you can become rich, and you don’t try?

So after wasting time watching TV and finally believing, these past ten years I’m finally created and started following a path to become financially independent.  While still considered poor by the very rich (read uncomfortably poor), for me it’s a stage that I believe I can accomplish in the next eight years if I keep my eye on the goal…

Some sacrifice is required with my plan (especially during the first few years), but now I’m on my way and each year I’m able to loosen the purse strings and spend money on things that would increase my enjoyment in life.

More to come,



P.S. I’m currently in my third year, and we’re on vacation for spring break.  This is something new for us and in past years we would do something local to save money.  From this year going forward, I’m planning for such a vacation to continue to be in our plans going forward (barring some unforeseen financial crisis).


16 Responses to Are You Trying to Become Financially Independent?

  1. I can relate to having wasted a lot of time in the past. Watching too much tv is definitely a waste, but I think you can do it in moderation for a nice break. I feel like I’m at a turning point in my life too. I’m now accepting things I did wrong in the past and am working towards doing better in those areas.

    • It’s good that you realize it early 🙂

      I think TV in moderation is fine, but people need to realize that it is still mostly a waste of life. Now when I watch TV, I make sure I’m doing something productive at the same time.

  2. I started at the age of 22, when I got my arse kicked from 5:30am to 7:30pm every day. Gained weight, gained stress. I VOWED to save 50%+++ of my after tax paycheck every year until I stop working. It’s been well over a decade now, and I’m glad I did.

    I want the optionality to do whatever I want. That is priceless.

    • WOW, saving 50% until you stop working is incredible! And to think I was patting myself on the back for saving 20% lol.

      I know you were saving that much, but to start when you were 22, is stellar!

  3. I started saving and investing when I started my first job, but not as aggressively as Sam.
    It’s only the last 3-4 years that I started down the FI route and try to replace my income. At least my retirement fund is pretty solid. My outside account could use a little more shoring up.

    • It’s funny, I’m in much better financial shape that average (especially considering my take home pay), but only about half way to where I want to be. I hope I can make it up…

  4. I started down the FI Route way later than Sam nor am I near him on the saving rate, but every time I lose track of the goal I encounter a friend/client/blog who reminds me what I am fighting for which is the same as Sam…OPTIONS

    • Yes, I’ve come to that conclusion too. Having a side job and money invested has given my more options now that ever before! With options comes power 🙂

  5. i try to avoid wasting time by watching tv or playing video games and instead, always try to make sure that i am working towards my goals..

    unfortunately for me, baseball season is just beginning and the hockey playoffs are at the same time.

    i will, at the very least, have to get in some good multi-tasking

  6. Solely focusing on one thing without taking a break every once in awhile can cause a little undue stress. Everyone needs a few minutes break every now and then. Enjoy your vacation.

    • minutes vs hours… I know too many people (including myself in the past) that would waste hours mindlessly watching TV. Now I realize all the opportunities that I missed in the process.

  7. Well,everybody wants to be financially independent. But not every one of us do something for it.First, it’s an idea.You should find something that you like or what’s interesting for you and what can bring you money.Secondly,developing this idea is important.There should a way how to make it real. But working really hard is a key to sucess,watching TV or reading books “How to get rich” is a waste of time.Wake up early in the morning, work hard – and you will get a result.I believe it’s possible to get rich and to create a life you want.But it’s worth to remember that if you will not do anything for it then nobody will.Everything is in our hands and we can not let them down.