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Making a Temporary Illness Work To Your Advantage

I’m still sick, but I’m optimistic about my blogging content once I get better…

Sometimes getting sick works to your advantage because it breaks an repeating routine and the downtime enables you to think see and think outside of your regular routine.  For me, such times enable to to take everything in and readjust my regular course based on what I find.

So while I still have vertigo-like symptoms, as long as I’m down for the count, I can still think and look down the road of each alternative path that has been an unforeseen option for me.  I like taking lemons and making lemonade with such problems, and this is one of the greatest potential moments in that process!

Some of my thoughts that I’ve been thinking of while I’ve been down is redesigning my site.  It’s plain and needs a good makeover.  To be honest it’s not optimally configured and hasn’t change in 3 years.  Once the dizziness goes away, that will be a priority.  Next, I would like to develop a few post each week that are consistent in topic.  This will enable me to keep my eye on the goal, so to speak.  Next, I’m thinking off adding some of my own flare…  By flare I mean something new, exciting, and hopefully original!

Well, I’m tapped out, getting better but still sick,



28 Responses to Making a Temporary Illness Work To Your Advantage

  1. Glad to hear that there has been a silver lining in your illness. Sometimes we do need to take a break from projects to re-evaluate things. It just sucks that you had to be sick during this break. Hopefully you get better soon and come back more motivated with your blog.

    • Yes, moving my head and looking down made everything spin. Slowly I’m getting better though! Vertigo, bummer huh…

  2. Another temporary benefit of illness can be weight loss! If you don’t eat for a few days, you always lose a few pounds!

    I am all about silver linings..

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I had some problem with dizziness in 2009 and it sucked. The dizziness lasted over 6 months and only went away after I took a medical leave to take care of it. email me if you want to talk. Take care.

    • Thanks Joe, it’s taking me a while (over 2 weeks now), but slowly I seem to be making progress.

    • I’ve only been able to think solidly for the past few days, between the light headedness effects.

  4. Hope you get better soon! It’s great that you’re able to put a positive spin on things. I was off of work for 2 weeks last year after having surgery… and it was the most relaxing/refreshing time of my life! Even when I have vacation time from work, we end up traveling and doing a ton of projects. I found recuperating from surgery gave me the excuse to rest – without feeling guilty!

  5. Being down for the count sounds like it has helped you prioritize tasks and develop new ideas — great to have a silver lining. Hope you get better soon!