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Overreaction to Baby Stuck in Washing Machine

Why are we such negative people?

The latest buzz on the internet was that a baby boy was put into a washing machine as part of a peek-a-boo game with what looks like a teenager or young man putting the baby in the washing machine as part of the game.  The problem was that the man didn’t realize that once the door was shut, the machine started up.

After the washer started up, both the man and the babysitter of the toddler started freaking out!  It was obvious that the accident wasn’t intentional.  This was a game that went bad because the man and babysitter was young and naive.  I’m sure that the man didn’t intend for the washing machine to start!  So the media is jumping all over this and a blogger (her name escapes me, but she was very white) said that the reason that they (girlfriend and man) weren’t arrested because of racism!   I thought that the statement by the blogger was an incredible stupid statement!  Since the girlfriend and man (who is probably her boyfriend) told the police that it was their child, are the police to arrest every parent that make a dumb mistake?

Now we hear that the real mom of the baby is pressing charges!!!  This is a huge overreaction (along with the blogger’s reaction), there are plenty of criminal acts that deserve the attention of the court system, instead of a man trying to make a small child laugh.

I can honestly say that hearing the doctor female blogger accusing the police of racism, and the reaction of the mom (hasn’t she ever done dumb things in her life?  I know I have when I was younger), make me feel sad for the country.

While as a parent if my child was put in a washing machine, I definitely wouldn’t be happy!  But instead of trying to get the babysitter and man arrested for being dumb, I just wouldn’t use them for babysitting services anymore.

Another thing that I consider very sad is that the employee who saved the baby wasn’t mentioned at all.  I find it odd that the blogger (again the white female with a doctorate degree, I wish I noted her blog) didn’t take into consideration that the employee in the video fix the problem with superhuman speed.  He was the hero in this mishap, and he is totally ignored!!!  I’m pretty sure he saved that baby’s life!  No kudos for him?  What gives…

So my question for readers…  Should people be arrested because they are young and naive (or dumb)?



Update:  Okay, I’ve come to realize that some readers might not understand the way that some Laundromat washing machine work.  Unlike washing machines at home, some of these machines (esp.the older ones) don’t have a start and stop button.  You put the money in, and then when you are ready for the machine to start, you just close the door.  I know this from my days as a college student going to the Laundromat to wash my clothes.  Perhaps this is why many think that this was a malicious act, when in reality, the man that shut the door (perhaps he has a washing machine at home were he lives that has a start button) was just trying to make the child smile and laugh.



18 Responses to Overreaction to Baby Stuck in Washing Machine

  1. Well I think it depends. Being young and niave is really no excuse for anything. I’ve heard of a babysitter shaking a baby when it was crying, which is a HUGE no-no, and I can’t remember if it killed the baby but the results were pretty serious.

    I’m glad the kid is okay, and I think it may have been an over reaction on everybody’s part if it was just a fun game (although you can’t really just turn a washing machine on by mistake, can you? Especially the pay ones?) that went wrong, but you never know.

    Everyone has their opinion, even bloggers, and I think it’s good to respect them 🙂

    • Shaking a baby is bad and against the law. In that case, a babysitter should be arrested in my opinion!

      Actually, the way the washing machines work (this is from my young poor days in college), you put the money in and close the door and they start to spin. Not all models have a “start” button. That is what happened, and I would bet money on it. The guy obviously didn’t know that, and when he closed the door all chaos reigned down.

      I don’t see the racism like that female blogger stated though. I think if you use such a term for everything, even when it’s not the case it just pisses everybody off and lessens the value of the word. How does she know? She wasn’t there, I see no racism and I think she made a stupid claim… I think common sense needs to be used in such situations.

      For instance, I can say the sun is made of ice, but that doesn’t really mean that it is… To go around teaching everybody that the sun is made of ice, just makes us blogger lack credibility. We are a part of media now and have to live up to writing what is right versus guessing and making up things. Or at least that’s what I try to do 🙂

  2. What a dumbass. People get arrested for being young, naive and stupid all the time. So I don’t think any of those reasons should protect him. Still, he did have good intentions and was obviously extremely worried about the baby.

    • Yeah, I thought it was dumb too. But as the comedian Ron White once said, “You can fix stupid”. So what is society to do? If you arrest people for being stupid, the prison will be full of people that made mistakes, and to be honest, we all make mistakes every now and then… Even Einstein made a few mistakes in his theories…

    • ha, you I believe you are correct. Or that laundromat could just get newer machines that have a stop button. Or perhaps the customers will have to pass a test before they can use the machines… lol licensing is the next step 😉

  3. I might venture a guess to say that you don’t have children? I found this video actually really appalling. It could have been a really dangerous situation if it was not dealt with immediately. Thankfully, the child is safe and I don’t blame the mother for pressing charges. People do stupid things all the time. But, there are also consequences for actions. It is a teaching tool and leads people to make better choices in the future. There’s no insurance for stupid but if someone can learn from their mistakes, all the better.

    • I have two, but that doesn’t change the fact that the man in the video had no criminal or malicious intent. He was just naive about the way the machine operated. And he (and the babysitter) was stupid not to tell the mom what happened. Apparently the babysitter needed the money, and realized that telling the truth would get her fired. I think not telling the mom what really happened was pretty stupid though.

  4. after the initial shock, i wouldnt press charges. its wasnt out of neglect. it was probably not the best idea to put a infant in the machine and close the door. that itself is dangerous.

    • yeah, I think the man that did it just didn’t understand that once he shut the door, the machine starts automatically. I honestly think he was trying to make the toddler laugh or smile.

  5. I thought this was a stupid story all of last week while it was on Yahoo. Yes, the babysitter and her companion were stupid. Yes, the laundromat worker is a hero. No, I do not think there needs to be legal involvement, but the mom does have the right to be pissed. This is at least not the dumbest reason ever for police involvement – just another overreaction in our opinion I guess. 🙂

    • yeah, I just those in the media have to make a living somehow… I just get upset a bit that they make drama that doesn’t need to be there… Oh well, that’s life 😉

  6. I agree that the media took this too far. It was an accident. A very stupid accident, but still an accident. I do feel for the mom, though. It would be extremely difficult to watch that video of her child tumbling in the machine!

  7. How completely, unbelievably awful. Somebody this stupid should not be anywhere near toddlers. If a babysitter had ever done this to one of my children, I would have pressed charges so fast his head would spin.