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Frugal Weight Loss Update 220

Great news today!

I weighted myself and I’m down 30 lbs from where I started (March 15th, 2012)!

What is my secret? Did I spend a lot of money or do some incredibly intense workout program?

No, all I did switch to a low carb diet and spend up to 10 minutes every other morning doing a light exercise routine of a set or two (depending on how late I’m running on getting to work) of pushups and situps.  My exercise routine is so light that I hesitated in calling it exercise!

Did I spend a lot of money since my diet is more protein based?

No, Eggs was a primary stable and they are incredible cheap. Eating eggs for breakfast enabled me to reduce my breakfast cost by at least 75% versus the way I use to eat. Lunch and dinner was more expensive though, so it was a wash with respect to the cost overall.

Do I miss desserts and other carbs?

Yes, but I deviate from a totally low carb diet by occasionally getting dessert when we go out to eats on the weekends and sometimes I’ll even eat a slice of bread at those restaurants, on the weekend during the same sitting.  For the dessert, I split it with a family member and actually, it’s really their dessert and I’m just eating a third of it.  After I get down to my target weight range, I’ll continue to increase my carb intake, making sure that I continue to eat healthy.  By healthy, I mean skipping the pre-process sugars and flours found in too many sweet snacks these days!

What is my goal at this new weight?

Not much really, just to stay the course.  After I lose another 10 pounds, I’m planning on introducing a light weight workout routine.  Such a weight lifting program will be more for vanity than health though.  Although there is some bone density benefits in doing so, and possible a delay of aging (or so I’ve read).  Personally, I just like looking good when I workout with weight and also it might be a good model for my son and daughter to follow.



16 Responses to Frugal Weight Loss Update 220

  1. Congratulations. I lost 35-40 lbs. (1978) b just cutting out the junk. Then I started an exercise program. It changed my life! I never gained it back.

  2. awesome.. congrats don.

    i was on a similar diet for a while and i had great success.. but couldn’t keep it up.

    the main problem for me was breakfast.. i got burnt on eggs after a while and found myself slipping back into the old habits (cereal and milk).

  3. Good for you! I’m down 20 pounds and I’ve been doing a slow card diet. I have to be careful to eat enough otherwise it leads to feeling really tired. My insurance for getting to my goal weight is high protein and slow carbs!

  4. Congrats!!! You are kicking butt!!!

    I need to jump back on the weight loss wagon…I am back up to 159. Not as bad as where I started at 180, but I really wanted to stay around 140-150.

    So, my new goal is 150 pounds by FINCON12 – so, September 5, 2012 for me since I am arriving early. 🙂

  5. Congrats. I have a weakness for ice cream in the summer. I too have been working at it but more in hours of exercise than diet changes. Weight loss is yet to happen but I feel much better.