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Senate Versus Jamie Dimon

I’m on vacation, but I stumbled upon the senate hearing with Jamie Dimon speaking, and I have to say I’m impressed.

While I’m not that impressed with the senate, Jamie Dimon was a superstar.  It’s kind of like seeing a debate contest between a third grader (some of the senators) and a renown public speaker.

I was especially amazed with a senator from Ohio.  This particular senator opened his questioning with a statement that he wanted Jamie Dimon to just answer “Yes or No” to his questions.  My thought is how do you learn anything with “Yes or No” answers.  To me this seemed like a tactic to make the senator look good to his voters.  I on the other hand thought he looked foolish.  The Ohio senator ended by saying that the bank is too big to manager in his opinion.  My thought is what basis does he have to make such a statement?  Other foreign banks have no restrictions, so if our “too big” banks are broken up, how would we compete with smart foreign banks that don’t have such restrictions?

Is it me, or does it seem like we are giving our advantages away to other countries?

I think that Jamie Dimon is one of the best CEO in the United States and we’re very lucky to have him in our country.  I actually came away from the meeting with great respect for the man.  It’s obvious that he’s cares about American and truly wants things to be optimal.

I think one of the most incredible moments in the hearing? was when Jamie Dimon started listed how his company and other banks have made financial transactions cheaper and more liquid.  It seems like nobody thinks of the great things that the banks do, just that they are crooks.  I’m against the gain when I think that people like Jamie Dimon are great americans and help the country prosper!  Where do we think that small startup businesses get their money from to start anyway.

Senate vs Dimon, winner Dimon!



2 Responses to Senate Versus Jamie Dimon

  1. I didn’t pay particular attention but I always find it funny with the do hearings like this…like the Senators are going to know more than a 4 star general about operations or Jamie freaking Dimon about banking!

    Go back to kissing babies LOL

    • I totally agree, I do find it making me laugh though. It’s hilarious, in some ways, and very sad in others 🙁