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Going To An Amusement Park For More Bang For The Buck On The 4th of July

Our small city’s 4th of July Celebration was last night, but on the actual 4th of July, we just typically hang around with family and friends, not really doing much other than socializing (which is great too…).

This year we decided to do something different by going to an Amusement Park called “Cedar Point” on the 4th of July instead!  Now you might think that going on a holiday to such a place would be busy, but according to friends of my wife, it’s typically un-crowded on holidays.

Cedar Point Welcom

Since we haven’t gone to Cedar Point yet this year,we figured why not give it a try!  We’re hoping my wife’s friends were right and all the rides have  unusually short lines!  If the rides do have short lines, we should be able to ride more of the rides that we want to ride, effectively giving us more bang for our buck.  Of course the “bang” reference is also do to the fact that at 10:30 pm EST, they are also going to fire off fireworks.

Never heard of “Cedar Point”?

Cedar Point is an amusement park that is known for its large roller coasters.  It’s much more of an adrenaline kind of park than an amusement park like Disney World.  Most of the middle states in the US, know about this amusement park and frequently go there in the summer.

Cedar Point Dragster


Hope you (and my family too) have a great Fourth of July!



8 Responses to Going To An Amusement Park For More Bang For The Buck On The 4th of July

  1. We always got together with friends and family on July 4th usually at our house. You could see multiple fireworks from our backyard. Nice memories.

  2. We had a great fourth, and it sounds like you did as well.. That roller coaster looks absurd!

    Unfortunately, amusement parks, outside of Disney World, have kind of lost their appeal for us, with a baby in tow..

  3. We walked down to the beach and watched tourists, condos and the city shoot of fireworks. It was cool and a good time. We’re thinking of going to Disney later this year though.