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Save Your Money and Youth – Stop Paying For Tanning

Believe it or not, I still know people that pay to go to a tanning salon, to achieve the year round tan.

While some think having a tanned body is attractive (or is it?), I don’t think that it’s healthy to be in a perpetual state of remaining unnaturally tan, day in and day out all year round!  Yet, I know of a few women that pay to go to a tanning salon, just to accomplish this feat.



Unfortunately, as they age, such damaging exposure give (both women and men) that leathery look that we’ve all come to associate with such long term tanning effects, not to mention the potentially worrisome skin cancer results.  It seems kind of odd to pay a tanning salon around $50 a month to get such damage done to your skin.  It’s kind of like paying the school bully to punch you every other day in the mouth to have fuller lips.

So from a bit of research, it sounds like 1 tanning session can run you an average of $8 for one session.  Many pay a flat rate of about $50 per month though.  So using the $50/month figure, that would be $600 a years.  While $600 a year won’t break you, it’s still a decent chunk of money to plop down on something that is unhealthy for you…

I use to laugh at the spray on tans that I watch as celebrities on TV would go through, but considering the risks of tanning salons, perhaps they were more clever than I imagined…

Given that you believe that a “golden” tanned look and make you more attractive, do you still think it’s worth it given the risk communicated through the media these days?  Or do you think it’s better to save your money?


7 Responses to Save Your Money and Youth – Stop Paying For Tanning

  1. Right now, I’m spending hardly anything on my beauty routine. I do like to be tan, but Jeff tells me he thinks I’m beautiful without. I just wish I believed him!

    • Actually, I think tans are overrated too. In fact, I’ve seen many females that actually look worse when the do tan, whereas their natural untanned look is great. I guess it comes down to knowing which looks best for you, and if you want to look young as you get older. Based on the picture of you and Jeff, I’m sure you’d be pretty even if you were blue or green!

  2. As an old(er) person, I go to the Dr. to have things removed from my skin thanks to tanning in my youth. Thanks to good genes, I still look younger tan my age.

  3. You’ll pay for it down the road with skin cancer too! I’ve always preferred people who weren’t unnaturally tan so it doesn’t even help in my book. All people aren’t the same though so if you want a leather lover to love your skin continue heading to the skin cancer beds 🙂

    • Yep, it’s not worth it with what we know today… Get the spray on tan, if you’re adamant about getting that look…

  4. You get vitamin D from the sun and from some safe tanning beds. It’s not bad for you as we have been told over the years. You shouldn’t burn yourself but getting some regular sun is an excellent way to get vitamin D. It’s insurance for your health as long as you don’t overdo it. It can lead to long term health benefits.