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The Giant Eagle Panera Gift Certificate Money Savings

Okay I admit it!  My family (except my daughter, she’s such a nonconformist) loves Panera and even though it’s costing us a decent amount of money (see the article: Spending Money Fail! How We Spend More Than We Realize), we’ll continue to go there once or twice during most weeks.

Yes, we do this, but I don’t have to like it!

To minimize the pain, I decided to start to buy two $50 Panera gift cards each time I go to Giant Eagle on the way home.  Of course I buy the gift cards with my “American Express Blue Cash” credit card, which currently gives me 2% back in reward points (so it would be $1 back for the combined total of the two cards) and also Giant Eagle points on top of that.  The gift cards aren’t taxed when they are bought (only when the are used like regular money).  so I’m getting I get at least a 3% discount on the gift cards, not great, but not bad… every little bit really does count!

Panera Gift Card


Okay, I admit, 3% isn’t that much of a money saving, but at least it makes me aware of the high cost of going to Panera weekly.  Hopefully, after seeing a few $50 listed on my credit card bills, it will bring me awareness around the cost.  Most likely, this little trick will make me to start to develop less and less of a taste for Panera.

We’ll see.


6 Responses to The Giant Eagle Panera Gift Certificate Money Savings

  1. Hey if that works to curb your panera spending that is awesome. I never considered doing something similar. Just keep a tight grip on those gift cards.and don’t lose them. Also, make sure you fully exhaust every penny off of every card!

    • Good tips, I always use up all of my gift cards 🙂

      The key is that people aren’t taxed on them (which would remove the benefit of buying them in the first place), and I only buy them when I have other things to by at the store too.

  2. i am with you on the Panera love, man. we avoid restaurants in general, but if and when we do go– Bread Co is absolutely our favorite.

    they have a pretty nice rewards program there too, if I recall correctly.