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First Time Golfing With My Daughter

This past few weeks, we (my son and I) have been taking my daughter to the golfing range.  At first, she was hitting it 5 to 10 feet, but on the first day at the driving range, I taught her that it’s her form that matters most, and after about a 20 minutes of practicing swinging, she started to hit the ball 50 to 100 yards!

For an eight year old girl, hitting the ball 100 yards is quite exciting, and it really showed in her face!  She was smiling ear to ear after she started nailing the ball!  It helped that both my son and I really made over how well she was hitting!  My son is a great guy and looks out for his little sister!

In fact, the entire golfing session was my son’s idea!  He asked me if I thought my daughter was ready, and I agreed!  Next he asked if Grandpa could go too, and of course I thought that was be a great idea too.

And then Tuesday rolled around and I totally forgot! lol…

Luckily he didn’t and ended up calling Grandpa and got the ball rolling again (pun totally intended…)!

Golf Cart

Golfing With My Daughter

My daughter and I rode in the same cart and honestly had a ball.  She actually played much better than I expected, and actually beat my son and tied me on 1 hole in particular (obviously we beat her overall, but for that one hole, it was hers!).  Although she doesn’t hit it 200+ yards, she definitely got it past 100 years a few times!  And you could see the confidence that she gained from playing well.  The funny thing was on the first hole, she even missed the water hazard (unlike my son and father).  I had a rare day where it seemed like everything I hit went super far (on the last two holes that were over 300 years, I landed on the green both time… this is very rare for me).

So all in all we all had a great time, and I was so impressed with my daughter and son that I took them for ice cream and pie.  Both of my kids like chocolate & peanut-butter pie, and so it was a great conclusion to a fun day golfing.

All in all it was a great memory…  I’m looking forward to taking them out again,


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