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Frugal Weight Loss Update 215

Since my last update on my weight loss update on June 29th, I’m down another 5 pounds to 215.

I wanted to be down more, but summer got in the way a bit and I’ve been relaxing on the diet restrictions (but just a little).

By the end of this month, I’m going through a quickening process where I’m in a desperate attempt to lose and additional 5 pounds, which would bring my weight to 210!  I think once I get into the range of 205 to 210, I’m going to start lifting weight to tone my muscles all while still sticking to my frugal weight loss plan!

So I’m down 35 pounds, while that’s nice, technically I’m still considered obese.  I think if you would meet me person to person, I don’t think you’d think I was obese.  Shoot this past weekend, I was doing both front and back flips off of a low diving board that doesn’t have a lot of spring to it.  I doubt that a person who is really obese could do such a feat (especially the back flips).  But an average is an average, so my goal is to get into the plain old “fat” range.  My hope is once I get into the fat range, I’ll looks as thin in the waistline as someone who hasn’t worked out with weights in the past.

What I especially like about this diet is that even though I’m eating more expensive foods, I’m eating less of them and they are much healthier.

Once I get to either 210 or 200 pounds, I’m going to do an analysis of my diet and reexamine my weight loss plans from that point on.  Most likely I’m make adjustments to my frugal weight loss plan, but in a health oriented beneficial way.  I might even create a website so that other can follow such a plan.  This is definitely a life plan for me from this point out.



4 Responses to Frugal Weight Loss Update 215

  1. Congratulations on another 5 pounds! I don’t know what I am considered to the BMI scale anymore…I decided it can kiss off, lol. I like how I look at around 150, so that’s my long-term aim. I inched up past 160 as of June and am back down to the high 150’s right now. So I am working my way back down about 10 pounds and will consider that my happy spot. Anyway, congrats again!

    • Thanks! I want to get to a range sometime in the future. I’m not really set on a certain number, but a range of 10 to 15 pounds would be perfect for me 🙂