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Hey Summer – Where did you go?

Geez, this summer has come and gone super quick!

Last winter I had all of these big plans, like:

  • Painting the trim on the house
  • Painting my daughter’s room (she’s tired of Tinker Bell).
  • Landscaping (don’t get me started!)
  • Clutter removal install (help I’m buried in papers)
  • Go on more “three-day” weekend vacations (I didn’t go on any!)
  • Go to Hawaii (I really wanted to do this, but Vertigo stopped me).
  • and the list goes one…

Vertigo was a huge summer killer for me, so perhaps I shouldn’t beat myself up too badly!  On the other hand, the weight loss has been great!  If you read me last update: Frugal Weight Loss Update, you’ll have read that I’m down 35 pounds and I hope to be down another 5 by the end of this month!

Asking around, apparently I’m not the only one trying to enjoy the fringes of this Summer season.  Perhaps it was so hot and dry, everybody throttle back to a “let’s say in the air conditioning” state?  I still have to late vacations coming up in August and the beginning of September, so perhaps that will make it better.

Perhaps you can read some other great things to do (or that was done) in summer in one of the great carnivals that I was recently included in.

Enjoy your summer, it’s moving too quickly!


7 Responses to Hey Summer – Where did you go?

  1. Summer is over thanks to the school district starting the school early (8/14) this year. Unfortunately, the children are not ready to learn with this high (100+ degree) temperatures.

  2. Happily, I’ve had the opposite experience. I’ve done a TON of biking this year because it’s been so dry and we’ve done some fun adventure just about every weekend. I’m sad to see it come to a close, but I’m glad we got to do so much. My kids are finally at the age where they are a little more independent and that’s helped a lot. Today we’re off to the aquarium in Mystic CT. It’ll be scenic and educational.